Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Gossip Girl Tag!

If you have me on Twitter, you will know that I am a HUGE Gossip Girl fan! Infact, the majority of the time I only socialise to people when the topic is Gossip Girl and that's not me being ignorant, it's just I'm very addicted to this show and could probably re-enact the whole show with no mistakes if I wanted to. 95% of my knowledge is dedicated towards Gossip Girl and the last 5% is dedicated to the real world... The Upper East Side is way more exciting than my life after all! I have re-watched Gossip Girl 7 times in the space of 5 years, I'm still trying to fathom how that's even possible but with a lot of dedication to binge-watching, I can get it done! I have the box set which holds all 6 seasons and it was my baby! Luckily, no one has yet asked to borrow it but if anyone did, I would struggle finding a way to kindly say... No. It probably sounds weird how I'm protective over a bloody box set, but I am a complete fangirl and only fangirls will understand this kind of protectiveness towards their favourite things! It's baffled me how I've not done this tag yet, so I'm finally going to do it and I tag all you Gossip Girl lovers to join me!

How did you discover the show?

One of my past friends recommended it to me when I had nothing to watch 5 years ago and I thought okay, why not? Turns out, after that pilot episode I was hooked for life and I knew there way no way out! Characters in the show get sucked up in the dramatic lifestyle and so do us viewers... It's a fascinating world!

Who's your favourite character?

I love the majority of the characters for different reasons and every time I re-watch I tend to love a different character more each time, but I'll go with the character I absolutely adored when I first started the show... Blair Waldorf! She's very harsh and spoilt but her having those traits are kind of inspiring because she's only harsh when somebody's standing in the way of her dreams and whilst being spoilt is never really a good thing, she deserves everything she gets because she's a very hard working woman. Her style as well is stunning and let's be honest, she gets the man we all wish for! She's also a very intriguing character with how dark, twisted and complicated she has a person, it's great to see her grow!

Who would you see yourself being friends with on the show? 

You're probably expecting me to say Blair and Serena, right? Surprisingly, these Queens didn't spring to my mind first when I read this question. If the question was 'Who would you wish yourself being friends with on the show?' then yes those two would be my answer. If I think about it more realistically, it would have to be Dan and Nate. I've always been one to get a long with guys way more than girls and these two guys are so accepting of anybody, they don't judge people for their lifestyles or their personalities and they're just so laid back and easy to get along with, they'd just be guy best friend goals all the way! 

Chair or Dair?

I admire Dan and Blair's friendship so much, I absolutely live for the episodes where you see them bonding, it's so beautiful! However, I am absolutely crazy in love with Chuck and Blair! Whilst they are extremely twisted together and many people would probably say the relationship is unhealthy for both of them, they was always meant to be together no matter what. They are the definition of true love! They break my heart every time I re-watch the show, yet I strive for a relationship like theirs. Their connection and their story is so beautiful!

What's your favourite ship that would never actually happen? 

So, the ship I'm going to say did happen, however, based on the finale's events, they would never happen ever again... Lily and Rufus! Another couple that were just so meant to be, they have so much history and sometimes you just can't mess with that! Due to Serena and Dan getting married (YASS) in the finale, it was only right that Lily and Rufus found new partners, although it's heartbreaking they couldn't be together for life, them breaking up helped a beautiful relationship piece back together! 

If you were to be a character, who would you be? 

Blair, of course! Who wouldn't want to marry Chuck Bass?

Who was your crush on the show? 

My first time round, I fell so in love with Chuck as his character development grew, I was just smitten! As I've re-watched it, I've grown crushes on Nate and Dan too so I'm just going to be greedy and say all 3!

Have you read the book series? 

I haven't but I would love to read them and I think I'm going to search for them once I've finished this tag! 

Who was your favourite villain? 

Ivy - She had absolutely no intentions on just straight up destroying everyone and genuinely just wanted family and friends. Obviously her way of joining their life probably wasn't the greatest idea because they sure did turn on her by the end and she did begin to join the other villains to take them down but I did feel sorry for her! 

What was your initial thought of the show?

Loved it from the first episode! Their lifestyle is everything I've ever dreamed of!

- Shelby xxx



  1. I agree to all of this! I'm a massive fan of gossip girl too 😂

    1. All of it!? I think I just found my new Gossip Girl best friend! 😂

  2. Yay another Blair girl! I'm going to do this tag as tomorrow's post as I'm stuck for ideas!

    Sian xx



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