Friday, 1 July 2016

Kiko Blush Review

On the 9th of June, I invested in my first ever blush product. Who knows why I never had a blush before! However, when I was shopping around Meadowhall, I knew a blush was something that I was not leaving Meadhowhall without. 

Me and my friend found a shop called 'KIKO', I had never heard of this brand before, however, I thought I'd have a look around. The products was so incredibly gorgeous, from the concealer, foundation, lip products, nail varnishes, bronzers, highlighters etc. While having a nosey at foundations I saw a small section for blush and when I opened to see the blush's presentation, I fell COMPLETELY in love! 

The blush is an absolutely stunning shade of pink and is incredibly pigmented which, as all of us bloggers know, is an absolute bonus for makeup! The texture is so silky and creamy and the blush includes two tones, one which is baby pink and the other is a more darker pink. The packaging itself, as you can see on the photo above is just absolutely beautiful, I fell in love with the blush before I had even seen it just because of how the packaging was presented if I'm being completely honest!

On the subject of being honest, it's safe to say I'm not the biggest expert on applying blush and it probably looks super silly whenever I apply it but no need to panic, I'll just keep practicing and be a pro in no time! The blush is lovely to apply and adds colour to my incredibly pale face which I am very appreciative for! 

Overall, it gives excellent coverage and is easy to blend. The compact case also has a practical mirror for when you're on the go and need to top up. 

I would highly recommend 'Kiko' products as they are such a high quality and you know you will get so much use out of each product you purchase. The products are not at all pricey, they are extremely affordable and even if people do think that some products could be cheaper, you're going to get use out of it either way! 

Buy the 'Kiko Blush' HERE.

- Shelby xxx


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