Sunday, 19 June 2016

Movie Review: Ms. Matched

Upstart wedding planner Libby Boland makes dreams come true by designing romantic fairy tale weddings for her clients. Problem is there's no romance in her own life. All that changes when she falls for Ben Reynolds, author of the new book, 'Wedding Day Do's and Don'ts.' Unfortunately, their blossoming romance is threatened when she discovers that Ben's book is a primer for getting married on the cheap -- completely incompatible with everything she believes. Sparks fly at a wedding expo where Libby and Ben battle over clients. But when Libby's livelihood is threatened, Ben finds a creative way to come to her rescue. 

I've really gotten in to Hallmark movies so beware for many Hallmark movie reviews throughout the next few months! I reviewed my very first Hallmark movie 'Love on the Sidelines' about two months ago and after that I've been dying to check out all their other films aswell!

Ms. Matched is one of the latest for Hallmark and it was incredibly good from beginning to end.

Libby and Ben are introduced at a wedding event that Libby had planned. Ben had asked her to dance and the sparks were flying two minutes in to the film... Libby, unfortunately, get's dragged away as she has to deal with the caterers without introducing herself so herself and Ben believe they'll never see each other again. 

Fortunately, for the pair of them, they meet up again at a Bridal Expedition which thrills them majorly. Things take a turn for the worse though when Ben announces his true feelings about weddings on the panel, leading Libby to despise the man and realise that they have absolutely nothing in common. Ben believes that people shouldn't spend so much money on one day when they have their whole lives to think, therefore, he advises most to just get married the cheapest way possible even if that means driving up to Las Vegas. Libby, on the other hand, believes that every girl should have the wedding of their dreams and wedding planning is her whole life! When couples hear about Ben's take on the whole thing, they all start to purchase his new book meaning Libby loses a lot of clients.

Although Libby loses many clients due to Ben, she still has one couple that wants Libby's help. Annie and Alex found out about Weddings by Libby when they was guests at the wedding you see at the beginning of the film and Libby makes it her mission to give them a wedding day to never forget. Alex is Ben's best friend, therefore he believes the best thing to do is get annulled, however, Annie wants the big wedding and she throws a lot at Alex making him stress over the expense of the whole thing. 

After a few disagreements, Alex and Annie part ways leaving Libby heartbroken. The only way for Alex and Annie to come back together for a wedding is if Libby and Ben work together to plan the day. 

Through a lot of disagreements and arguments, Ben and Libby come up with the perfect idea and start to build up a friendship again... Or maybe more. 

When another bad turn comes, Libby gives up with her career and Ben promises her that he can fix it. 

The end is EXTREMELY cheesy I'm not going to lie, but it's such a cute film and if you're soppy like me, you'll love it no matter how strong the cheesiness is! Overall, I really enjoyed the film and it was an added bonus that Alexa PenaVega was the lead girl! Congratulations to Alexa btw on her first child! Read my post on that here

If you're looking for a soppy/cheesy film to watch then Ms. Matched is a perfect choice! 

Let me know over at my Twitter @ItsShelbyMariee if you ever watch the film and I hope you enjoy it! :)

- Shelby xxx


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