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Book Tour - Guest Post - Haunting Me Book Review

Phoebe Mercer has what most people envy; a wonderful boyfriend, fantastic friends and a job in the city's top law firm. Getting engaged is just the honey in her tea! Then she gets run over by a hot dog cart, wakes up with a concussion and the ability to see ghosts. Well, one ghost. A loud, obnoxious woman who claims to have been murdered for her vast fortune. Soon, Phoebe is solving a mystery that not only threatens her relationships, but her career as well. As she begins to battle feelings for the ghost's handsome nephew, she realizes quite a few people in her life are not as they seem. Slowly, Phoebe uncovers the secrets and lies around her, learning that in order to solve this mystery and be free of the ghost, she must lie herself. The only catch? The secrets Phoebe has kept from the people in her life could ruin everything for her, and her ghostly companion, in the end. 

I was given the opportunity to review a copy of this book in return, I give an honest review. 
Another book in which I have nothing but good things to say about it! The whole book was so fascinating and was definitely a mystery you needed to know the ending too! It was such a page turner, I could never put the book down! 

Haunting Me is such a light-hearted, funny, Chick Lit Mystery book. The characters all had such unique personalities that either made you love them or despise them. Phoebe had what we all thought was the perfect fiancé, Riley, however, throughout following Phoebe's journey, Phoebe isn't the only one hiding a couple secrets. Alongside her 'perfect' fiancé was the over-controlling soon to be mother-in-law, gosh that woman is a cold hearted being! Or so we was tricked to think that...

We also get to meet Phoebe's brother and sister, her mother and her two best friends, all very short appearances throughout the book, but had a major impact on helping the mystery come to and end. Terrance, Phoebe's absolutely horrific boss, never seemed to get bored of making her life misery and wanted nothing but to get rid of her, he just needed an excuse. 

Let's move on to the very obnoxious and judgemental lady of the book, Edie, the ghost who changed Phoebe's life almost for the better. When Edie found out Phoebe could hear and see her, after being knocked over by a hot dog cart, Edie begged Phoebe to help her find her will before the people in her life started ruining everything she had ever worked hard for, especially her company, Lavish Looks. The two went on a long journey together of sneaking around, stealing, snooping and most importantly, finding clues to help Edie move on. Edie made it very hard for Phoebe to have any sort of life which wasn't based around finding the will and changing Edie's nephews mind about handing everything over to one awful woman. Phoebe had to keep many secrets whilst solving this mystery which led to her fiancé losing his patience, her boss putting her career on the very last line and losing the one person she never thought she'd care about. 

You will laugh throughout this book, you will smile and  you will especially get just as stressed as Phoebe and Edie when they cross many, many dead ends. The ending was one of those "NOO WHERE'S THE REST?" but fear no more, Haunting Me will be a series! Anything you didn't find out in this book that you wanted too, may just be in the second book which is coming later on this year, so I've been told ;). 

About the Author. 

 Nikki LeClair lives within Canada with her loving husband and their two rambunctious children. When she isn't ordering her children to behave or begging her Border Terrier to listen to her, she sits behind her laptop plotting out the next adventure of her new characters. She's a fan of a good glass of Pinot Noir and can't live without her favourite tea's. 
This is her second published novel. She also writes under her pen name, Vivian Brooks, and enjoys hearing from readers and fans of her work. 

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy Haunting Me! :)

- Shelby xxx


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