Thursday, 2 June 2016

5 Reasons Guys Make Me Glad I'm Single

I am very jealous of all the ladies out there who have found their gentleman because all I seem to be finding are fuck boys? For real, they are taking over our damn generation and I can not cringe anymore if it was even possible! I'm not the girl who is in desperate need of having a partner, however, it would be nice to have someone to share life with, am I right? The guys are unfortunately come across are just completely ignorant to whatever you have to say unless you're an easy catch. Which, quite frankly, I'm glad a lot of girls aren't! This is not meant to be a deadly serious post about how anti-guys I am, although at the minute I could possibly be very anti-guys, no, this is just a fun post for all us girls to relate to. So I hope you enjoy!

1. Those texts that say "what are you wearing?" 
Are they expecting us to be like "Oh, not much really, I just decided to lounge about in my new lingerie that I purchased at Victoria Secrets the other day"? Boy, I'm sat in my Minnie Mouse pyjamas, is that a problem? 

2. When they take everything you say sexually and you can't just have a normal conversation. 
A girl actually likes to get to know the guy they're talking too and would hope the guy would want to do the same. We don't want a guy being all sexual the second day we start talking, please, you're going to be a lonely man forever if you keep up with that.

3. When they automatically assume you're going to put the effort in to travel to theirs. 
I'm sick to death of having to be the one to make the effort to go see a guy, seriously, I'm sure guys have legs too and can ask where we live? Also, if guys are going to arrange you coming to theirs before even taking you out on a date then there's no chance. 

4. Asking you for your snapchat and then sending photos of themselves in their boxers.
REALLY? Okay this one is seriously one of my pet peeves like that is not what snapchat is for. I would rather watch my favourite celebrities live their life than have you on my snapchat trying for nudes. Or the one's that just want a conversation by taking snaps of their body parts and putting the caption "hi" ugh, please, why do these guys exist? 

5. Starting a conversation off like they're genuinely interested in your likes and hobbies and then when they're comfortable enough, they'll only talk to you about meeting up. 
I've had this twice now, they ask about you and they get to know you but that only lasts a day or two and they'll start going "when are we meeting?" "Come here so we can cuddle" "We should go out for a drink, I bet you're naughty when you drink" CRINGE ALERT!

Do you girls out there understand where I'm coming from?? It's so annoying! I just want a damn gentleman who will ask me out on a date. Is it really so hard!? I'm just going to be a dog lady forever. Or just carry on dreaming about the guys I can't have because they're either married, famous or fictional. 

Hope you enjoyed this and I'll see you next time! :)
- Shelby xxx



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