Sunday, 29 May 2016

Kylie Jenner Lipkit - Candy K Review

I finally got my hands on a Kylie Lip Kit!! Hurray!! 
From the day Kylie announced she was bringing out her very own lip kits, I wanted to get my hands on Candy K! There's so many lip kits of hers that I am also dying to grab, however, as Candy K was the first one that caught my eyes, I clicked checkout and here we are! 

The packing is absolutely gorgeous, I'm still in awe of actually having this lip kit because I'm so used to seeing it on everybody else, it's nice to have it for myself! In the box, you get a little card which has a message from Kylie on the back which I thought was very kind of her, and then you have the actual lip kit box which is soooo nice! When you open it there's a piece of cardboard separating the lip liner and lip gloss which I find quite nice, some people would probably just shove them in but they've thought of a way to also design the inside! 

On to the actual beauty products... The lip liner is incredibly easy to apply, it's so soft and creamy! The lip gloss, OH MY GOD! This lip gloss is heavenly! For one, it smells absolutely gorgeous, it feels so nice on your lips when applying, it dries so unbelievably quick I was very surprised at how fast it actually dried and lastly it doesn't smudge which is the greatest feature a beauty product could have as there's nothing worse than your lips smudging while you're out! 

I have nothing but good stuff to say about Kylie's lip kit, however, the process of actually receiving the lip kit was not the greatest and I wasn't incredibly happy... While the lip kit itself did cost about £29.00, I got a note in the mail asking me that my package was in the UK and ready to be delivered to my house, in order to actually have it delivered to me, I had to pay customers charge which was £12.02. Overall, this lip kit cost me about £42.00 which I think is absolutely ridiculous and I think that is something that needs to be changed... Let's be real, it's not like Kylie's desperate for money? The lip kit ended up being worth the money I spent, this just won't be a product I buy whenever a new restock is up, it will most be likely be every few months because who really can afford to spend that much in small gaps!? 

Overall though, I'm pleased with everything and I would definitely say if you are wanting to purchase a Kylie lip kit in the future and you are happy with the final cost, go for it! I think you will be extremely happy with it all!

Are you loving the lip kits? :)

Thank you for reading! 

- Shelby xxx


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