Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Favourite Actors!

Channing Tatum - I've been a fan of Channing Tatum's acting since Step Up and have continuously supported many of his films such as; Dear John, The Vow, 21/22 Jump Street, Jupiter Ascending and Magic Mike. He continues to show the world that he's not one just for action or comedy, but he can also do a little romance on the side. Of course, he is more known for his action and comedy roles, however, his films that come under the romance genre are absolutely beautiful! Channing is soon to be showing us ANOTHER side to his acting skills with his new movie 'Hail, Caesar!' where he will be dancing AND singing, what can't this man do!? His acting makes me laugh, cry and smile. Success!

Taylor Lautner -  You may already know now that Taylor Lautner is my longest ever crush and one of the very first actors to become my fave. I first saw him in Shark Boy and Lava Girl (which happens to be his first debut film so YASS I'VE BEEN SUPPORTING THIS ONE SINCE DAY ONE), I think he was about 13 year's old which made me about 8, damn THAT SERIOUSLY DESERVE A MEET UP!! Ever since then I have supported him in every other film such as; Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Twilight, Valentines Day, Abduction and Tracers. He's currently in a TV Show called 'Cuckoo' in the UK and while it's not the best show to have ever been made, I do still watch just to support this cutie! I hope he brings more movies out soon!

Ed Westwick -  I've been a fan of Ed Westwick for about 2/3 years, I found out about Ed when I started watching Gossip Girl in 2014 and although I did dislike his character 'Chuck Bass' at first, as his character development grew I fell IN LOVE!! I've also watched Ed Westwick in Romeo and Juliet and supported his murderous role in Wicked City, by the looks of it though that show has been cancelled! I will continue to support Ed in whatever he does and I will continue to rewatch Gossip Girl at least once a year. Maybe twice...

Evan Peters - I was rather behind when it came to American Horror Story, a friend had advised me to try it out and although it is very sick and twisted and not my thing AT ALL. I absolutely love this show! So, when I began watching Murder House, of course, Evan Peters popped up with his big fluffy blonde hair and I was like "Ooh, he's a cutie!" Then when I started watching the Asylum season and Evan shows up with short brunette hairstyle, acting like a 60's guy I was like "DAMNNNNNN" Definitely my favourite Evan Peter's look! Basically, I've watched American Horror Story just for the excitement of getting to see Evan Peter's... I've also been supporting him in his HUGE film role in X-Men, I am super proud, everyone seems to be enjoying him and I'm glad that new people are getting to enjoy the presence of Evan on their TV screens!

Ashton Kutcher - WHO DOESN'T LOVE ASHTON KUTCHER? Am I right? Am I right? Yeah I'm right. Ashton Kutcher has been around in my life pretty much the same as Taylor Lautner was... Yeah I think I fell in love with Ashton at about 7/8 years old... I first watched Ashton on That 70's Show which I still constantly watch!! (If you have me on Twitter, you probably know I'm re-watching right now) His character in That 70's Show, Kelso, was my most favourite thing in the world and I have supported him in soooo much in his other shows and films such as; Just Married, Cheaper by the Dozen, Valentines Day, Two and a Half Men and his new TV show The Ranch. He is an incredibly amazing and hilarious actor that I just couldn't adore more even if I tried!

Who are your favourite actors? :)

- Shelby xxx


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