Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind Tour Experience!

On the 20th of May, I met Charlie Puth and got to witness his show from the very front row. I can tell you now, this was the best day of my entire life and nothing will ever top this! (Except my wedding day... which hopefully is with Charlie as the Groom) 

The week leading up towards this day was full of nerves and tears as I was at first travelling to Manchester alone and it completely freaked me out, so I bought one of my friend's a ticket the day BEFORE the show and she was my absolute lifesaver! If she didn't come and keep me company on the train journey and the actual show, I probably wouldn't have even made it to the show and got to have this incredible experience! 

The train journey to Manchester ended up being complete smooth sailing and I finally relaxed. We had to switch trains once which did panic us at first but it ended up being easy peasy! When we arrived outside O2 Ritz, we had to be put into seperate queues, just because I had the meet and greet package, where my friend only had tickets for the show. I was stood in that queue for a long 2 hours as we got there for about 20 past 3 and at 5pm, the meet and greet people finally got let inside. We received our gifts which included a a simple black bag with "Charlie Puth" across it, a VIP pass and a signed copy of Charlie's debut album 'Nine Track Mind'. We was stood in another queue for what had to be about 20 minutes to half an hour, as the people who purchased the 'Dressing Room Package'.(which I will be purchasing next time as you got about half an hour with Charlie to talk to him in his dressing room AND he sang a few songs AND you then got to take a few selfies with him before coming down to join the rest of us for their professional photo)

After another long wait, the security guard told us all to enter this big white room and we got to put all our bags down on to a sofa so they wasn't in the way of our photo. As I turned to get back in the queue, I looked over and saw Charlie and my feet glued to that one spot for a few second before I ran back to the queue like "HE'S EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON!!"The meet and greet was extremely quick, the queue went down fast and soon enough it was my turn to approach the love of my life. The guy before me (who I will speak about soon) asked Charlie if he could kiss his cheek and Charlie was very hesitant about this, however, he didn't tell the guy he was hesitant, he told ME... Yes I had a quick conversation with Charlie and it was amazing! The story he told me was how a girl had once kissed his cheek during a meet and greet and ended up slobbering all over him, I said "niceeeeee" he looked at me with the cheekiest of faces and we smiled for the camera, we said thank you to each other and when he looked down at me, I swear, I couldn't look away, it took me a few seconds to compose myself and finally let go of him. Boo.

After I had my photo, we was led back outside now until 7pm, where they let the meet and greet people into the venue first and then the regular people. Being let in first meant I actually got to experience this show from the very front row, right at the barriers!!!! I have only ever been to arena shows and getting front row to those are so damn impossible so to have been able to be front row in a small venue where Charlie was literally sat right in front of me, it was a dream come true! The opening act, KLOE, came on at about 8pm where she sang her set for half an hour and she was extremely good, her songs were very good and me, my friend and the guy I spent about 4 hours in a queue with was completely crushing on her guitarist! Charlie came on stage at about 8:50pm and opened the show with Marvin Gaye which was AMAZING! I am proud to say I have witnessed Charlie beatbox live! He then went on to sing Dangerously, his 'love song' Some Type of Love, Losing My Mind (his vocals were absolutely on point!), Left Right Left and one of my personal favourites, My Gospel, before he sang My Gospel, he explained how this song was made from a drum loop that he had found in his dad's basement... One of my favourite things about Charlie is that he is so passionate about creating music and he knows everything about everything music wise! To see him finally sharing his passion with the world makes me incredibly proud! After that song he turned his stool to sing two acoustics which gave us the perfect view of his face, (can I just mention he wore a shirt which was hardly buttoned up so his chest was just perfectly on show for me to drool over) he sang Up All Night and before his next song, security ended up rushing to the crowd as someone had been on the verge of passing out so Charlie being the absolute gentleman he is, he invited the two children who was with the girl who passed out on to the stage while she was being checked over. They were the cutest children and I was not at all jealous because while they was on stage, Charlie performed his last acoustic for the night called Then There's You, after that song the children left the stage and Charlie performed a cover but I can't remember what it was called and then the song I had been waiting to witness live all night... Charlie performed We Don't Talk Anymore!! (Which is his newest single featuring Selena Gomez) He showed off his beatboxing skills once again before singing my favourite song and it was the best thing ever! I got so into it, I jammed out and sang the song word for word, it was incredible. 

Unfortunately, our train home was at 9:54, which meant we had to leave the show as soon as We Don't Talk Anymore had finished so we missed Charlie perform Suffer, One Call Away and See You Again. Although we didn't get to see the whole show, the amount that I did witness was everything and more that I had expected! It was a dream come true overall, meeting Charlie and getting to see him perform his songs, I couldn't have asked for a better night. There is not one thing that I could complain about, Charlie has made my entire life! It is very important to be able to meet the people you admire so much, Charlie being the person I admire more than anything, I couldn't be more proud of him and I will forever support him throughout his career. Whenever he tours in the UK, I will be purchasing the meet and greet packages each time just so I can hug him some more because I am super grateful for him. 

I met two incredible people during this day, Alex, who I had spoken to on Twitter about a week before the show and Carl, who I met in the queue and he was the most amazing person and I am super jealous he can do eyeliner better than me! We had an amazing time together along with my friend I bought along with me and I make sure to keep in contact with the two because there's nothing better than making friends at a concert!

So, there you have it. That was experience with Charlie Puth and I will never forget it! Thank you so much for reading and here's a few more photos to sum up this day. :)

YouTube Video: 

- Shelby xxx


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