Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Checked Shirts and High Waisted Shorts


The sun was out, my camera was fully charged and I was loving my outfit. Usually when I do clothing posts, I'll just pose in my bedroom so I thought since the sun's out I'll take photos some place else, although the setting isn't the prettiest, it's something new so I thought why not?

I don't know how in or out checked shirts are this year, however, this year I purchased my first ever checked shirt and I couldn't be more in love. Last week I wanted to switch up my style for a concert and was inspired by Pia Mia, as she always does the checked shirt around the waist kind of style so that's what I did. Yestereday, I experimented with wearing just as a regular shirt and I am really feeling this style right now. Honestly, I go from dressing like a pretty fairy to dressing in leather jackets in 0.01 second, so I tried something new and I feel like this has a serious country vibes which I'm really not complaining about. I paired it with a pair of high waisted shorts from Quiz which I then tucked the shirt in, a pair of black tights that can be purchased in stores such as Primark, and a pair of flat knee high boots which I got bought from a market.

I can 100% say that I will be purchasing so many more checked shirts in all sorts of different colours as they are just so easy to style and are perfect for Summer and Autumn. The red and black checked shirt I have now would definitely be perfect for the Autumn days, maybe I can purchase some bright, colourful ones for the summer!

                                               This checked shirt was purchased on Boohoo.

What do you think to the checked shirt?

- Shelby xxx


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