Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Perfect Floral Jumpsuit!

I have never been a big fan of floral prints on clothing, in fact, I always thought the floral patterns looked terrible... Recently though, the floral patterns are becoming much more prettier, so when I saw how cute this jumpsuit was I kind of spoke to it and said "I'll be back for you when I have money on me". A week later, I went back and bam this gorgeous piece was still there for me. I have worn this jumpsuit repeatedly and don't ever want to part from it, but I guess I have to at some point? I meshed this jumpsuit with a simple cotton white crop top and it gives it a more everyday outfit kinda vibe, I tried to find the crop top but unfortunately there is only teen sizes left but any pink/white crop top would look lovely! The legs of the jumpsuit just go past my knees which I don't mind but I kind of wish they was long bottoms! I would personally just pair this jumpsuit with flats because no heels I've tried on yet have looked right but I'll just keep experimenting and hopefully find something a little more exciting then flats!  So, have I finally turned to the world of floral? Or is this just a one time thing? Guess we'll have to find out and see! 

- Shelby xxx



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