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My Little Mix Get Weird Tour Experience!

On the 2nd of April, I went to see my Queens perform for the 3rd time and I'm still trying to figure out if it was real or not!? 

I was so hyped the entire day! (If you have my on snapchat you would've witnessed it) We left for the train at 5:00pm and set off at 5:45pm, arriving in Sheffield for about 10 past 6. When we got into the arena we didn't have a clue where our seats were since we'd never been on the floor before so a man took us to our seats and baring in mind I had no clue how close our seats actually were, me and Megan were freaking out the closer we got to the stage! I got to see Nathan Sykes perform and he was AMAZING! I have wanted to see him perform as a solo artist since he announced he was going solo so him being an opening act for Little Mix was just the absolute cherry on top! He performed Kiss Me Quick, my favourite of his Over and Over, he covered Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud and performed his brand new single Give It Up ft G-Eazy which just came out this morning!

After laughing at the crowd reacting to being on the big screen while "Who Run The World?" was playing, the lights went down and I'm pretty sure I almost died and was close to breaking Megan's arm in the process. As soon as those silky pyjamas was ripped off them I was in full on dancing mode and couldn't believe they was actually right in front of me! My favourite performances was definitely Grown, ADIDAS, Lightning, Secret Love Song Part II, Move, How Ya Doin?, Weird People and of course Black Magic!

The vocals and choreography was absolutely flawless, they sound exactly like they do on the album!! No one ever sat down the whole through the show and it was just such an incredible environment to be around! Everyone singing along to your faves, dancing like no ones watching and it was nice to be able to talk to people who have the same likes as you do! It was just so overwhelming to have my idols stood infront of me singing my favourite songs live... There's no other better feeling! 

Grown: When I first watched the girls perform Grown at the Apple Music Festival, I honestly didn't think the choreography could have got any better and I couldn't have been more wrong! They have definitely grown up for this tour and who gives a crap if some moves are a little sexual? They're all in their 20's, they're grown women, live with it people!

Hair: Hair is definitely the sassiest song from the Get Weird Album and I did a lot of hair flipping throughout this performance. Lots of hair flipping and booty shaking required for this performance and they looked so fierce!

Change Your Life: One of the first songs they ever wrote together, I have heard this song performed live so many times when I've caught up on performances on YouTube and it still never gets old! It's such a beautiful and inspiring song that everyone should listen too whenever they're feeling uninspired or unmotivated, or even when you're going through troubles with a friend!

A.D.I.D.A.S: This was the performance I was looking forward to the most and oh my gosh it was stunning! Each solo was flawless and the choreography was so simple yet so classy. Basically it was the hottest performance I have ever seen from Little Mix and I'm blessed I got to see it live. Leigh-Anne's rap was when I went crazy like don't sleep on this girl! My favourite song off the Get Weird album for sure!! I'm so happy that they're all flaunting off their bodies and feeling confident af!

Wings: Anyone sick of this song yet? Not me! No matter how many times I listen to this, I will still jam out harder each time! It's a classic Little Mix song after all! The best part of this performance is definitely where they make the crowd sing at the very beginning, it's a goosebump moment for sure! This song always makes me feel like I can achieve all my dreams and do anything I want!

Lightning: Lightning has the BEST choreography EVER!! I am so in love with the choreography and yes I have learnt it all. The set up for Lightning was very creepy and mysterious and definitely created a dark atmosphere around the arena. Perrie's high note of course slayed the performance and everyone's entire existence! I loved every second of it!

DNA: It was only right to go straight into DNA after Lightning! Perrie's solo at the beginning was so intense but flawless, it was just her vocals and that was it, no back tracks, just her beautiful voice! The choreography for DNA has been completely changed for the Get Weird tour and although I love the original choreography so much more, this new dance routine was just as great!

Secret Love Song Part II: This is hands down the most stunning song I've ever heard and hearing it live is a whole new experience. Their vocals were absolutely flawless, Jesy's high note was spot on and the whole arena was just lit up and really appreciating these girls individually. 

OMG: So this song is such a fun song to watch live and to jam out too! The whole audience including me was just sassy af and the dancers had these evil looking bunny heads on which just made the performance even more fun and entertaining. 

Jump On It, Crazy In Love, Where Are U Now?, Ring The Alarm cover: This whole section was so fun, everyone was jumping around, screaming and dying over the constant twerking and just going absolutely insane! We definitely partied hard for this!

Salute: The girls went straight into Salute so we had absolutely no time to recover from the previous rave and just had to go into full girl power mode without any sort of breather. This song is definitely for all women, we need to feel independent, strong, beautiful, unstoppable and we're all ready to take over the world!

Little Me: Calming down from all the hype, the girls took it down a notch to perform this beautiful, inspiring song, Little Me. They explained how this was written for all Mixers around the world and it is basically everything they would say to their younger selves put into a song. We should all feel confident and beautiful inside and out and after hearing this song you will be ready to step out into the world as brave as ever. Perrie's high note, once again, slayed everyone's entire existence, like I can't believe how long she can hold this note for! I'm so proud!

Move: The girls switched up the beginning of Move and turned it into a beautiful jazz version. Jade's vocals was absolutely stunning, I love how she sounds when she sings jazz! When the girls all hit the note on the last word, it sounded like heaven! They have such heavenly voices! They really showcased their vocals and showed everybody that they are capable of reinventing their songs into whatever they like. 

How Ya Doin'?: This was definitely the highlight performance for me! The dance breakdown at the very beginning gives me so much life like that is the next dance I need to learn!!! This song will literally never get old and I loved how they mashed Hotline Bling up in the song, it just fit so perfectly, they slayed Drake's dance moves and once again, I am blessed to have witnessed this live!

I Won't: I Won't is definitely one of the underrated songs of the album and I don't know why because it is so damn good! It has such a positive message to it and makes you want to leave their show and reach all of your dreams to the best of your abilities! "I wont let anybody tell me no!"

Love Me Like You: LMLY is definitely one of my favourite Little Mix songs, it has such an old fashioned vibe to it and feels like it belongs in a 50's musical! It has such simple choreography to it and their outfits were absolutely gorgeous, I want them all!

Weird People: I absolutely went weird when this song came on, I pulled a Jade and started flailing my arms all over the place! (Without hitting anyone around me of course) This is the song where you have to pretend no one is watching and just go absolutely crazy, your idols are doing it so why not join in? You even get to witness a little booty smacking so yeah, win win!

The End: There's something about this song I absolutely adore, it's so emotional and tugs at my heartstrings all the time! Another song for the phone lights to light up the arena and it's such a good view, I can't imagine how it looked from the girls view! The girls each had individual solos which again, showcased how far they could take their vocals, especially Perrie (but we already know queen af she is).

Black Magic: And the show ended with the classic song!! I really don't think this song is ever going to get old and I always have to do the little "hey!" kick... It's hard not to! I am absolutely gutted they haven't added the Black Magic intro choreography into this tour but I'll let them off because they still performed it amazingly! It's definitely going to be a concert I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life!

Also I uploaded a youtube video so you all get the chance to have a more visual experience with me so make sure to watch that too!

- Shelby xxx


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