Thursday, 7 April 2016

My 5SOS SLFL Tour Experience!


On the 5th of April, I went to my second concert this year, (yes, I know, I'm on a roll!) and I can not even begin to tell you guys how amazing this show was! To put it this way, you can only know how in awe I was during and after if you experience this show yourself! 

The opening act for 5SOS was a reallyyy cute guy who goes by the name 'Jessarae' and he was so good! Although I didn't know who he was when he first came on, the majority of the arena stood up for him, cheered for him and sang along to his songs, go them because he deserved that attention! I would definitely recommend checking him out! He's from LA too so added bonus ;)

Now onto the boys who made my entire life and GAVE me the best night of my entire life! The atmosphere all the way through this show was electric! Everyone was constantly up on their feet, jumping about, singing their absolute hearts out (I was one of these people) and just forgot about the real world for 2 hours! There was the cutest damn Malum moment that I tried to get on my camera but I was too late and the screen switched to another one of their beautiful faces! At one point Michael began to make up a song about Sheffield???? And then the boys just like went into a full blown conversation amongst themselves and I swear they forgot they had an entire crowd of people watching them haha! The people around us were so sweet (except the one sat next to me, damn was she annoying) and didn't care how crazy I acted because they were on the exact same level of craziness as me! There were times where I set everyone off cheering like it's so awkward because everyone obviously heard you cheer but then you feel powerful that your cheer can make others follow haha! 

The setlist for this tour is BEYOND perfect! There were three songs that I insisted they sang or I was seriously sueing!! Those were Disconnected, Voodoo Doll and Castaway... Guess what? THEY SANG ALL THREE! YES BOYS!! Never disappoint me! Disconnected is just so beautiful to listen to live and when the crowd sings it alone it is just such a wonderful place to be! Castaway I literally lost my SHIT!!! That is my most favourite 5SOS song ever to be made!! And then after losing all normality during Castaway I totally forgot to look out for Voodoll so when the music started playing for that song, I swear I nearly fell to the floor and took my cousin with me!!! Voodoo Doll is one of the first 5SOS songs I ever heard back in 2013 so it will definitely be the song I really fangirl to! Some other performances that stood out to me was Jet Black Heart, Permanent Vacation, Catch Fire, Vapor, Outerspace, She's Kinda Hot and She Looks So Perfect. At the beginning of Jet Black Heart, Michael dragged on the silence before his flawless solo so all you could hear was me like "CMON MICHAEL, SING IT!!" haha, I was a completely new person throughout this entire show, I wasn't my stubborn self and I just let loose and had a great time!

I would love to thank the boys for giving me the best night of my life and the best concert I have ever been too, the atmosphere was phenomenal, the people were so nice and of course, the boys put so much hard work into this. So, if you are attending the SLFL Tour, make sure to have the best damn night of your life otherwise Ashton will be very sad!

Here are a few photos and my Youtube video with footage of a few songs:

My outfit of the night:

I thought I would also share my outfit for the night because I was OBSESSED with it!
You've probably all seen this shirt dress on my post 'The Guy Shirt' and I just thought it was perfect for a 5SOS concert. I had some flat knee high boots on which I had bought at a market so no link for them! I added a leather jacket to the whole outfit which was from Primark, (closest jacket I could find that looked like mine). For my makeup I kept it real simple and just applied some of my No7 Warm Ivory Foundation, No7 Extreme Length Mascara, No7 Midnight Lash Mascara, No7 Nude Precision Lip Liner and Rimmel London Cosmic Oh My Gloss Lip Gloss. I tried something new with my hair and put it up in a bun with a bun ring. I have never ever tried a bun ring out in my entire life and it's safe to say I LOVE this hairstyle and I will be putting my hair up like this for a long time!

See 'My 5SOS SLFL Tour Experience' YouTube video here:

- Shelby xxx


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