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The Hottest Couple on TV 2016 - Malec

If you have me on Twitter, you will see me post about this couple daily and possibly shout at your phone like "DAMN SHELBY, GIVE IT A BREAK!" but, NO, that's not possible! I will never not express my love for this couple and I have finally decided to express it in a big blog post because 140 characters really just isn't enough!

Shadowhunters premiered January 12th, 2016 and since then, Malec have definitely been the hottest couple on TV and the hottest topic of the year so far! Of course, if you have read The Mortal Instrument books, you would have shipped these a few years back and been able to read about their relationship, now you can actually WATCH IT!! 

Alec is the leader of the Shadowhunters pack we have grown to love, he can be a rather stubborn and uptight character but Magnus somehow brings out his soft side and that soft side is definitely something we want to see more of! Magnus is a 400 year old warlock who has never been welcomed into the Shadowhunters world and he hasn't been overly fussed on being friends with them anyway, that is, until he comes across Alec. (The gif above is when they first meet... HOW BEAUTIFUL) 

Alec is very family orientated and does everything to keep his parents happy, even if it means being unfaithful to himself. Magnus was rather closed up about love after his previous relationship and didn't expect to find something stronger until Alec arrives and 'unlocks' something inside of him. 

Throughout Season 1, you see a rather complicated bond between Malec. Magnus is extremely straight forward when it comes to expressing his feelings towards Alec, whereas Alec is rather resistant on showing people the real him so he keeps it locked deep inside him and even goes to the extreme of marrying Lydia!! (Well, almost) NOW HERE COMES TO THE JUICY PART... The wedding was basically the end for Malec, or so we all thought and hated, until the beautiful moment where Magnus crashes the wedding, making Alec have complete doubts about the wedding. Here comes the best part... Alec finally accepts who he is and who he truly loves and takes action! He walks straight down that damn aisle and kisses Magnus straight on the lips!!

It was a Tuesday morning about 6am when I woke up from having a bad cold and not being able to breathe every time I laid down, I scrolled through the Shadowhunters snapchat and BAM there was this kissing photo! I kid you not, I was literally about to throw my phone because I was so excited! I went straight on to the Shadowhunters twitter account and saw that they had posted a 1 minute clip of the big moment so by about half 6 in the morning when I had calmed down slightly, I pressed play and by the end of that 1 minute, I was hyperventilating, sobbing, REAL TEARS!! and I was just choking because the whole scene was so perfectly filmed and I will literally never get over it! 

I have only read the first book to The Mortal Instruments series, therefore I don't know the entire relationship between Malec, but while watching this show, I have never adored a couple so much! The whole story between them is so beautiful from the minute they meet. I think what makes it even more special is that Alec really didn't want to admit his feelings but as time went on and he could feel the effect Magnus had on him, he just accepted that he is well and truly in love with Magnus and no matter how mad his parents will be, he needs to be himself and not put others before himself for once! SLAY ALEC!! 

What is the future for Malec? Since I've not read the books, I don't know! But I am incredibly excited to read and watch it grow into something so spectacular! Sure there's going to be bumps and tears, but as long as they're end game, I am willing to forgive all the bad moments! 

Comment below if you're a big Malec fan like me so we can fangirl together and thank you for reading this!

- Shelby xxx


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