Sunday, 10 April 2016

Does this mean I actually have to work out now!?

I am a very weight conscious person and before you say "what are you even weight conscious for?? You're so skinny!" just like all my family and friends do... No matter how many times I get told I don't need to diet or exercise etc. If I don't feel happy in myself, then I'm not going to listen, I'm going to take action and do something to help with my insecurities. I'm not the healthiest eater but I'm also not the unhealthiest eater... Some days I'll eat hardly anything and then other days I'll sit and eat all day... Those days I seriously regret. I don't think I'm ever going to be 100% happy with my body and I envy all guys and girls who are, but that's okay, I am who I am and all I can do is work my hardest and improve myself. I'm not as motivated as other people. I bought this gym wear and I've not even been the gym yet! (Mainly because I need some type of footwear) Now I have bought this gym wear, I do feel ready to work on myself and be in a place where I don't feel like I have to cover my stomach up all the time. I'm looking forward to getting there!

Now... On to the actual outfit. If you have me on Twitter, you will know how big of a Little Mix fan I am, when I heard they was bringing out their own gym wear, I just had to get myself a set! I mixed the girls gym look's together and chose Jade's sport bra and Perrie's leggings because they were my most favourite, it's a little plainer than the others but is super cute and such a comfy outfit to work out in. The sports bra is padded which I love since I don't have the biggest chest in the world so just from putting the sports bra on, I feel almost body confident on my top half. It's a beautiful purple and has a little flowery pattern on the left side. As I said before I'm constantly wanting to cover my stomach and these bottoms don't exactly do that so I'm just proud of myself for uploading this and having my stomach showing. On the top left and right of these bottoms, there's a purple triangle on both, going with the colour scheme of the sports bra. On the right side under the purple triangle and smack bang in the middle of the sports bra, it has the company Little Mix collaborated with 'USA PRO'. On the bottom of the left leg, there's another little purple patch again and above that is there flowery pattern again. It really is a beautiful set!

- Shelby xxx


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