Friday, 15 April 2016

My Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

Channing Tatum - I have been a huge fan of Channing Tatum ever since I watched in Step Up 1. He's just so good at what he does and on top of the acting and the singing, we now all know that he can sing! On a plus from all his talents, he is incredibly good looking... Does this man have any flaws at all!? I highly doubt it. He and his wife Jenna are absolute relationship goals, they met while filming Step Up together and that's where their love story begins! They now have a beautiful daughter and if you saw them battling out together on Lip Sync Battle... You would've fallen in love with this couple even more! I love every film Channing has done, whenever I know he's brought a new film out, (even if it's some action rubbish) I will watch it just for the sake of staring at Channing for 1/2 hours. I don't think there is actually a person who doesn't have Channing Tatum on their celebrity crushes list! If you don't then I suggest adding him on there because you're missing out!

Taylor Lautner - Taylor is actually my all time biggest crush and that even beats the bajillion amount of school crushes I had! I recently counted how many years it has been since I had grown my crush on Taylor and it has been around 12 years! How insane is that!!?? I first saw him in Sharkboy and Lavagirl when I was around 8 years old and I literally thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen!! I was smitten by him at the age of 8, I think that deserves a little meeting arrangement between me and him right!? Someone hook me up!! Like with Channing, I watch every film Taylor has been in, my most recent fave films that he has been in are Abduction and Tracers! Check them out!

Charlie Puth - I grew a crush on Charlie when his song 'Marvin Gaye' came out. I just thought he was such a cutie and he has such a lovely voice! I watched every single interview possible of his and what I learnt is that he is talented af and has ALOT in comment with mwah! Literally I believe that he is the female version of me and I am the male version of him! (He just doesn't know this yet) I'm seeing his on his tour next month on the 20th May AND I also have meet and greet tickets! Eeek! So nervous but so excited! His music is so amazing, he's like a big dork but super hot at the same time and has got the best personality! Always so funny and entertaining!

Matthew Daddario - Matthew is my newest crush and I am OBSESSED!! I was introduced to him when I started watching Shadowhunters and I was just like "oh my gosh! he is so beautiful!" He's the other half of one of my favourite OTP's 'Malec' (you can see my post on Malec here) and I absolutely adore him! Like he is such a beautiful human being, I would love to see what his parents look like because I genuinely have never ever seen someone so flawless!! The thing I love about him the most is how he is just so out of the loop with today's 'lingo' and always thinks when his fans call him trash or when they say they want to punch him in the face he thinks they're insulting him and being mean when really it's a rather strange compliment, bless him haha! He definitely is very old fashioned and that's a great thing for me too! Everytime I see him I'm like "UGHHH" (seriously just ask my little brother, he has to put up with it all the time), he's like Charlie when I say he can be a giant dork but while he's being the dork, he just looks hot af!! ( I apologise to all who have me on Twitter because I speak about him at least once or twice a day)

Dylan O'Brien - Now, to all my followers on Twitter aswell, you will know how deeply in love I am with Dylan... Like forreal he's even in my bio! I came across him when my parents were watching Teen Wolf and I was like WHO.IS.THAT!? I bought Season 1 and 2 of Teen Wolf as soon as I saw him, like I needed him in my life somehow! Again, like Charlie and Matthew, he is such a dork sometimes and looks incredibly attractive while doing so! My friends and family know him as my 'future husband' and he is literally the love of my life! I will forever be protective over this human, like he's mine, not yours! I will forever support every project he ever does, I love his Maze Runner films and I can't wait to see the third and last film to this series (EVEN THOUGH HE GOT HIMSELF RAN OVER WHILE SHOOTING THE FILM!) He is such an underrated actor, seriously he should be HUGE!!! He is definitely getting huge but he should already be there because he is just so talented! Make sure to check him out!

                             Thank you so much for reading! Who are your celebrity crushes? :)




  1. Taylor Lautner every single day of the week!
    Great post :) loved reading it!

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