Saturday, 16 April 2016

My Favourite Celebrities on Snapchat!

Snapchat is definitely one of the biggest platforms for celebrities and people in general to interact with friends/fans/family etc. right now and I absolutely love it! I especially love getting to watch the life of some of my favourite celebrities, sometimes I get green with envy because their life is my complete goals but, never say never right!? I'm just going to go through a list of celebrities who I think you guys should follow on Snapchat and hopefully some of these interest you because I promise you I would never ever share any that are super duper boring!! I'm also going to write a little sentence as to why I follow them and why I love watching their snaps!

Moonlight Bae (Ariana Grande) - Because although she 24/7 snaps her dogs, the rare selfies and videos of her are a dream!

Cailee_Rae (Cailee Rae) - If you wanna see the cutest couple reunions then this is the girl to watch!

CierraMistttttt (Cierra Ramirez) - Because she is hot af, queen af, she is in the cutest relationship ever and I think you guys would appreciate them. (If you're a fan of The Fosters, you also get some behind the scenes looks)

JaaackJohnson2 (Jack Johnson) - Because he literally snaps every second of his life, he does funny skits, he films while he's up on stage, at meet and greets, you're basically living the life of Jack and Jack!

JustJadeAmelia (Jade Thirlwall) - Because she's the cutest little thing ever, one of my queens, shes part of Little Mix and who doesn't love her?

Kylizzlemynizzle (Kylie Jenner) - Because she's the Queen of Snapchat and although seeing her everyday life makes me want to cry, it's so amazing seeing that kind of lifestyle. 

Leigh-AnnePinn (Leigh-Anne) - Another girl from Little Mix, always got funny snaps on the go.

PerrieSnap (Perrie Edwards) - Another Queen of Snapchat! Plenty of selfies, videos, a few appearances from the girls here and there, behind the scenes footage of the Get Weird Tour and just a lot of beauty!

PrincessPiaMiaP (Pia Mia) - If you really wanna see the day in the life of a celebrity then Pia is the girl! She literally snaps every second of the day and leaves you to possibly 1000 seconds worth of snaps but sometimes it's all worth it!

OfficialShayM (Shay Mitchell) - Constantly entertaining her fans, showing us behind the scenes footage of photoshoots, Youtube videos, Pretty Little Liars, red carpets, concerts, parties and also cute little family snaps (especially with her grandma omg they're adorable!)

Inthefrow (Victoria) - One of my favourite bloggers/youtubers (and probably one of yours), I basically watch her live the life that I want but it's cool! My biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging, such a great snapchatter too!

Winter.Ariel (Ariel Winter) - Ariel is such an inspiration, she doesn't snap a lot but sometimes you get some great selfies in there, funny videos and some behind the scenes of Modern Family!

Benzo33 (Ashley Benson) - Of course if the Pretty Little Liars have a Snapchat, I'm going to add it! Ashley gives you a tour of her life, some gym sessions are in there and many general life things.

ShadowhuntersTV (Shadowhunters) - Being one of my favourite TV Shows at the minute, it's always great to see what the cast are doing behind the scenes or on the red carpets!

TinasheNowBitch (Tinashe) - Another Queen of mine, always snapchatting in the clubs, in rehearsals, sometimes someone will snap for her while she's on stage so we can get a closer look of her tour and I especially love when her family squeezes into the snaps too!

WeAreFiveSos (5 Seconds Of Summer) - Seriously who wouldn't follow these guys? So funny, always entertaining, such chilled, laid back guys who just love to talk to us through Snapchat!

ItsGigiHadid (Gigi Hadid) - My favourite model EVER! She doesn't snap a lot but when she does she always shows us behind the scenes footage of photoshoots, she snaps when she's with her other model friends and we get to look into the life of Gigi Hadid!

NotCharliePuth (Charlie Puth) - Forever entertaining us with silly skits, shower videos and general life situations! 

HarryShumJr (Harry Shum Jr) - Because he is one part of my favourite OTP's 'Malec'

TPose-Styles (Tyler Posey) - Because he is literally one of my favourite human beings ever!!

Who are your favourite celebrities to follow on Snapchat? :)


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