Saturday, 30 April 2016

Love on the Sidelines - Movie Review

Laurel is a struggling fashion designer who finds herself with a job as a personal assistant for Danny, a quarterback sidelined with an injury. Laurel knows nothing about football and Danny hasn't ever had a female assistant.

I've been wanting to bring film reviews back to my blog for a while now as I love doing reviews sooo much... I decided to flick through Putlocker for some new films that have been released this year and came across this film, the title caught my attention so I decided to flick through it and get a little glimpse of the film and when I saw Emily Kinney pop up I was like "OMG ITS BETH FROM THE WALKING DEAD!!" and immediately added it to my list of films to watch! When I read what the film was about I got so many 'Me Before You' vibes, you know, the man gets injured, the girl becomes his assistant, he hates her and eventually they fall in love and live happily ever after. This film is not as heartbreaking as Me Before You is (man I'm dreading watching that film) but it's one of the most amazing films I've ever watched to be honest!

Laurel dreams of having a career that revolves around fashion design, however, is having no luck getting anywhere in the industry so eventually turns to any job she can possibly get just to earn some money. Luckily for her, her new room-mate is a personal assistant and advises Laurel to go for that job role. 

Danny Holland has been sidelined from football for 6 weeks with an injury and is in need of a new assistant. His team are that desperate to get him an assistant to deal with his crazy schedule that consists of physical therapy, social media, book tours, events etc. they end up hiring Laurel, completely ignoring the fact Danny refuses to ever have a female assistant! Why is that do you ask? He hates that if he had a female assistant, he won't be able to walk around the house half naked, she won't be allowed in the locker rooms at work, he won't be allowed to burp in front of her without her being grossed out and she knows absolutely nothing about football...

Erm... Can you say chauvinistic...

While Laurel is trying to do her best as Danny's personal assistant, Danny is trying his best to keep himself known as 6 weeks off work terrifies him. 

Things get slightly complicated when Laurel and Danny break the rules between an employer and employee and have to either forget about each other altogether or do something about it!

Does Danny fire Laurel so they can pursue a relationship or do they forget anything between them ever even happened? 

 While this is the predictive storyline where boy meets girl, boy and girl clash, boy and girl discover love for each other, however, it was such a beautiful story where they back and fourth tease each other and say things they eventually start regretting ever saying. Laurel has to watch Danny with his former model girlfriend, while Danny has to watch his best friend flirt with Laurel whenever he sees her. (Not gunna lie, I shipped Laurel and Danny's best friend waaay more than I shipped Laurel and Danny) Everyone loves Laurel and encourages Danny to go touchdown. 

Of course, I did end up in tears by the end of this film when Danny leaves his parents anniversary party to find Laurel and tell her how much he truly loves her. It's just such a perfect film to sit down and watch, especially if you're in need of an old-fashion, rom-com. The whole cast was so good and I thought they all fitted their roles perfectly. If you're a Walking Dead fan, you get to see a whole new side of Emily Kinney that you've not seen before and I just really advise you guys to watch this ASAP! 

I'm kinda super gutted that this isn't on DVD yet and there's a possible chance that it won't be because it's a TV film and was never put up on the big screen, but, because of how much people it, I'm really hoping this comes out on DVD later on this year so I can rewatch it over and over and over again!

There's absolutely no flaws in this film, you're just going to love it from the beginning to the end! You're going to laugh, smile, roll your eyes and cry and what is a rom-com if you didn't do all those things!? Expect to feel a lot of emotions throughout this one! Next time you need a film to watch... GO WATCH LOVE ON THE SIDELINES!!! 5 STARS!!!

- Shelby xxx



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