Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lost on the blog!

For awhile now I've been battling with my blog and myself over how messy I, personally, think my blog is. If you've ever thought "this blog is a little messy" or "I don't really know what this blog is about" etc. Don't worry, recently I've been saying the same to myself. I've been confused on what I really want my blog to be about, mainly because I read so many higher bloggers and I feel like I could never reach their standards but I've told myself that I have to be myself and post what I love personally, for people to really love and respect me. 

Over the past few days, I've thought about the things that I want to add to my blog whether people like what I post or not. This blog was made for me to share everything I love, so that's what I'm going to stick to doing. 

Fangirling - A few fangirling posts here and there about my favourite celebrities or OTP's is only right. If you have me on Twitter, fangirling is something I'm very good at. It's my number one talent. People think I shouldn't fangirl as much as I do but I'm a very passionate person and live in my own dreamland so, my fangirling is staying because it's always going to be a part of me! 

Fashion - I haven't done many fashion posts as of yet, however, you can check out the ones I have up on my blog so far here, here, and here. I will definitely be bringing more fashion to my blog soon, preferably when I have more time to do so and perfect them. (A little sneak peek of an outfit post I have planned could be seen in the photo at the very top of this post). Fashion has become very important to me. I never really cared about what I wore and how I styled the outfits, as I've grown older and have more knowledge regarding fashion, I've experimented and found my own unique style, and I would love to share it with anyone who is maybe struggling or wanting to find a new style. Who knows, maybe the style your looking for is similar to mine??

Makeup - If anything is MEGA important to me, it's make-up. I wear this every single day, I'm always experimenting with new products and trying out different looks, yet I haven't shared it with you guys! I do have a few make-up posts on my to do list so there are definitely in the works! I really want to bring back my 'Get the look' posts, I only ever did one and I really enjoyed doing it so if it's something people would want to read about.. I'm all for it! (You can see my Blair Waldorf - Get the look make-up here

Concert Reviews - As you may have recently noticed I went to the Little Mix tour and the 5SOS tour and reviewed both with many, many photos for you to admire on each! Concerts are my second home and they are something I am completely in awe of and are very special to me. It's my way to forget the world for two hours and listen to my favourite music. I love doing my concert reviews and May 20th I will be seeing one of my favourite artists, Charlie Puth so be prepared for an AMAZING review! That show will be the best experience of my life! I plan to go to many more concerts so I hope you guys are liking these kind of posts! 

Book Reviews - I love reading books and then sharing them out on to my blog to possibly help others in desperate need of a good book to read! I have soooo many books to read that I have chosen personally and they may need to be put on hold as I have other book projects coming up on my blog very shortly but I will mention them next! I've had nothing but good feedback from my book reviews and have also been complimented on my style of writing which is such a confidence booster and makes book reviewing one of my most favourite things to do! I love sharing so many incredible authors with the world and I can't wait to share even more upcoming authors with you's and just my favourite authors in general! See a few of my book reviews here, here and here

Book Tours - I am very excited to be a part of three book tours so far as this is something new and so incredible to be involved in! This is giving me the opportunity to get my book reviews out to so many book bloggers and of course, to the authors themselves! This is mainly a reason as to why I have put my own personal choice of books on hold because I'm contributing to all sorts of book genres to help authors get their books out in to the world and that is an absolute honour to be a part of! The fact that authors will be reading my reviews about their books and feed backing on how they hopefully enjoyed it just warms me up so much inside! Aaah I'm so excited!! Keep checking up on my Twitter to know when I'll be posting my reviews up for book tours!

Book Cover Reveals - This is a new project that I've just invested in and I'm super excited to say I'll be revealing a book cover for an authors upcoming book on Tuesday, May 3rd!! Eek!! I've always wanted to help authors get a wide audience and being one of the first people to bring out their book cover to the world is honestly insane! Be on the look out for the first cover reveal next Tuesday! More info will be coming up on my Twitter!

Author Interviews/Guest Posts - This isn't anything that I've got 100% set and planned out but I would absolutely LOVE to bring this on to my blog, hopefully in the future this will happen!

Movie Reviews - I've done a movie review for Dirty Grandpa and Deadpool recently and as you can tell, I LOVE doing reviews and giving my opinion to things that I've hopefully loved... I'm so not down for writing negative reviews so I love having that sigh of relief when I wasn't let down! Movie reviews are 100% on the list, in fact, two movie reviews will be coming your way on the weekend! One on Saturday, one on Sunday! Both two brand new films from this year which I think you guys are going to LOVE and want to watch immediately! Especially with the good things I have to say! 

Personal/Random -  These sort of posts will just be when I need to vent or rant over certain things in my life or maybe it's to tell you guys something really amazing updates in my life?? Hopefully a mix! It could also just be things such as telling you about my family, my pets, doing a room tour, a house tour... All sorts! The random part could just be something like my Snapchat post or my first ever idols post or it could be a facts post... Anything for you to get just that teeny tiny more of an insight in to me as a person!  

So there you have it! I know this does sound like a hella lot but I'm not forcing these on me, I'm not going to tire myself out by trying to push all these on to my blog as much as I can, it's nothing like that. This is more of a post for you guys and for me to really understand what I want my blog to be all about... I am absolutely determined to squeeze all of these on to my blog as I think it will definitely become the type of blog I want and they will come slowly but surely. I will be working as hard as my little brain will go to bring new content out whenever I have the free time to do so. I also look at this amount as a way for me to explore all types of blogging into just my little blog and I can figure out what posts are doing better than others, what posts I'm good at writing the most, and just basically giving everything a little try, all of these require different styles of writing so that's going to gain me more writing skills too. Like I said, this is not a post basically saying I am going to shove all of these on to my blog post by the end of May or whatever, I'm just writing this to give me a little insight as to what I can do with my blog and it's an insight for you guys to see what type of posts you can be expecting from me from now on!

I hope you like my blogging options and would love to hear back from you all!

                                                                  - Shelby xxx



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