Sunday, 24 April 2016

My Favourite Youtubers!

I have never been one to obsess over YouTube and never used to really spend my days binge watching a billion youtubers. I don't have much interest in the big YouTubers such as Zoe, Alfie, Joe, Casper, Tanya etc. In my opinion, they are highly overrated and you guys need to explore out of them! Don't get me wrong I love Joe and Casper, as I've watched many videos of them together with my brother who is a huge fan of them, but, I only have two that keep me coming back for more so I shall tell you about them now!


Jessica aka Jbunzie is the first ever YouTuber who has really caught my attention from the second I checked out her Instagram! My cousin introduced me to her about 2 years ago through Instagram and I was so addicted with her celebrity transformations, especially her Miley Cyrus ones! When she joined YouTube I was super excited to watch because I wanted to watch her personality shine and her makeup tutorials are always so on point! I seriously want her to be my personal makeup artist! She is like a real life Disney Princess and speaking of that she has transformed into Ariel alongside many others such as, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez, Elsa, Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy and many many more. Her Disney vlogs are specifically my favourite vlogs she does because she always dresses as Ariel and I really believe she should be the official Ariel for DisneyLand! If you want to see how she transforms into different celebrities, a couple of them are up on her YouTube so I shall now share the links to where you can check her out!


I subscribed to Victoria at first not knowing much about her, all I knew was that she was very well known in the blogging community as I always spotted her name on other bloggers Twitters as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed. One day I decided to check out a few new YouTuber's I had recently followed and Victoria's YouTube was the first one I tried out... Let's just say I haven't even got to the other YouTubers yet. I fell in love with Victoria's YouTube from the very first video and dedicate all my spare time to watching Victoria's absolutely flawless YouTube Channel! Her personality is something so unique and I really hope the people in her life cherish having someone so amazing in their lives! I can guarentee that everyone who reads this will know exactly who Victoria is but if anyone reading doesn't then PLEASE I BEG YOU GO CHECK HER OUT!! She inspires me so much, every time I sit and read her blog whether it be on the sofa, in bed, on the bus, at work... I just feel the urge to write! She is also the reason as to why I am non stop buying clothes at the minute!! Her style is to die for and I think it's safe to say she is slowly becoming my style icon! I will forever be green with envy over the fact she is living my dream life for me haha! Extraordinary fashion videos, flawless makeup videos and stunning vlogs... This is THE woman to watch!!

P.S. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS SHE!!?? My absolute goals!

Let me know if you've ever checked Jessica or Victoria out and also tell me your favourite YouTubers who aren't the typical and obvious ones! :)

- Shelby xxx

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