Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ways On How To Procrastinate!

Every blogger I have come across have all been pretty good masters of procrastinating and I will admit, I'm pretty damn good at it too! Instead of picking up the laptop and typing away, you'll grab a book. go to meet a friend, go out partying, binge watch your favourite films and TV shows and the big one that we can't exactly stop ourselves from doing, working! There are so many ways to procrastinate and if any of us have a talent around writing, it's the procrastinating side of it! This is just a fun post about different ways you can procrastinate and I'm sure many of you reading this can relate as much as I can! So let's begin to procrastinate even more with this blog post and laugh and relate!

1. All of us bloggers are going to be the biggest and most famous bloggers someday so why not start practing your autograph for our millions of future fans?

2. Scroll through all social media every second, even when there's nothing new on your feed.

3. Binge watch all your favourite TV Shows

4. Alone at home? Blast the music and have a dance/sing along (I do this with Little Mix A LOT)

5. Learn the lyrics to a full album in a day.

6. Take unattractive snapchats and send them to your friends so they will also procrastinate and send unattractive snaps back.

7. Freak out over sending one of your ugly snaps to your crush.

8. Sign up for sugar daddy websites and grab yourself some expensive freebies (Still on my to-do list)

9. Write a list of things you need to do and then decide not to do them.

10. Tidy your room and start switching it up

11. Exercise for 5 minutes and then realise the effort is just too much.

12. A YouTube fan? Catch up on all your favourite YouTubers and watch their life blossom while yours stays the same because you're DAMN PROCRASTINATING!!!

13. Let's take a nap while we're at it.

14. Have a gaming session of Sims for 5 hours straight.

15. Make wishlists of things you can't even afford.

We really gotta stop procrastinating ladies and gentlemen! As soon as you've finished reading this, I want you to switch on your laptop and write the best blog post you've ever wrote!

                                                           - Shelby xxx



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