Tuesday, 16 February 2016

10 Beauty Hacks!

1. Use a credit card to perfect that wing you've been forever struggling with!

2. Mix peppermint oil into your lip gloss to plump up your lips!

3. Use white eye liner to really make your eyes pop whenever you need to hide tiredness or a hangover!

4. Warm up your mascara to get the best results! (Place it between your legs, shove it into your bra etc.)

5. Feeling too sleepy to walk to the bathroom and remove your make-up? Always keep make-up wipes at the side of your bed so you can have a make-up free face and be in the comfort of your bed at the same time!

6. Always apply concealer in the shape of a triangle! (Make sure to not swipe your fingers over the concealer, always gently tap the concealer to blend it in as under your eyes is very sensitive)

7. Instead of messing about with fly away hairs all night when your hair is put up, hairspray your bobby pins and you'll not have to worry about your hair at all!

8. Ran out of eye liner? Grab a small liner brush, apply some mascara to it and ta-da!

9. Want nice smelling hair? Spray perfume on your hairbrush and gently brush your hair, mixing the scent into your hair!

10. Want to make your lipstick last longer? Place a tissue over your lips, brush translucent powder over the tissue and you won't have to worry for a good few hours!

                                                         - Shelby xxx



  1. Simple, but great tips!
    I've been using some of them and they work perfectly :)


    xo xo



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