Sunday, 28 February 2016

Deadpool - Movie Review

I'm not the biggest Marvel fan and I think I've only ever watched the very first Spiderman movie (that's Marvel right?), but when you're dad is the BIGGEST Marvel fan and watched the Deadpool trailer a bajillion times a day, you soon enough want to watch the whole thing. 

I went to see the Deadpool movie on the day the movie actually came out, with my dad and brother. Of course, the cinema was packed and I was so relieved when I saw more girls than I was expecting! So there we was, popcorn in hands (well I had to reach over all the time and dropped the majority on my dad every single time), and the opening sequence came on. Now, this opening sequence was much different from any other, it didn't have the whole cast and crews names on there, it had a few words to sum all of them up instead, like a roast. I did think it was funny but some of it I hardly got while my dad, brother and the other guys in the room was dying of laughter. 

Now, if you still haven't watched the film, I'm not going to sit and tell you it detail by detail because well... Spoiler alert much? I'm just going to sum it up and tell you much I surprisingly enjoyed it!

Wade Wilson begins as the guy who goes around beating people as a job. He meets a woman, Vanessa, who is basically the female version of him and cue the sex scenes. He finds out that he has cancer and doesn't want to stick around and let Vanessa have to watch him die, so when he is offered an experimental cure for cancer, initially refusing it the first time, the undergoes the procedure. Ajax (the Villain of the film I suppose), injects Wade with a serum designed to awaken mutant genes. Wade goes through torture to rise his stress levels, triggering the mutation faster. When Wade is told what's really going on in this labratory, he makes it his number 1 mission to take down Ajax (Francis Freeman). Wade aims to get his fiancĂ© back but is too scared of what she might think of his new appearance. He tracks down everybody who has ever worked for Francis to tell them where he is, killing everyone in the process who doesn't speak up. So as you can see, this isn't your typical superhero movie. 

I enjoyed this movie because although it did have the seriousness to it, the film is also a comedy, with Ryan telling crude and hilarious jokes left, right and centre. Of course, to be able to understand some of the humour, you needed some knowledge on X-Men and Green Lantern (which I don't have so I was sat gullible while my dad and brother was cracking up). I liked the way the film started with Ryan as Deadpool, kind of giving us a summary of what we was going to be dealing with for the next 2 hours and then it started from the beginning before the cancer and the mutation happened. If you're a romance like me, you do have that little bit of romance stringing a long through the movie if it's too action for you, so you have the suspense of finding out how she reacted at the end and if they're still going strong! I never had that much understanding of what Ryan Reynolds was all about until watching him in this movie, and he is such a comedian, he was perfect for the role which I found out he has been waiting 10 years to actually bring to life so I am very happy for him now his dreams have became a reality. I really do recommend this film to anybody because I think whether you're a fan of Marvel or not, you're going to enjoy this! (I'm living proof of that!) 

- Shelby xxx


  1. I loved Deadpool! I went to see it last Friday and I still can't stop smiling because of it :)
    And yes, Spider-Man is Marvel (though the movie was made by a different studio)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  2. I really enjoyed it too! :) & Thank you! I thought it was :) x

  3. I only read this half through (I don't want any spoilers).
    I want to see it so I'm glad everybody is saying it's a great movie :D

  4. I think Deadpool is a great movie to get into if you're not big on superhero films (like me). It has all the elements of many superhero movies, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and is funny as hell! Plus, I liked that Deadpool isn't your 'typical' hero :)

  5. I enjoyed this movie a lot.

    Nice review.

    - Zach



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