Monday, 15 February 2016

My Favourite Beauty Products!

Mascara - Mascara is definitely my most important beauty product. I don't think my eyelashes are that long, though I've been told different, and I hate going out of the house without any on. Sure, a quick school drop off or a walk to the corner shop, I think I can survive without the mascara, but if I'm on a day out, the mascara has got to be on! Mascara just makes my eyes look so bigger and I feel much more confident when my lashes are big and fluttery. If I was to live with only one makeup product, it would be mascara!

Foundation - Now, I embrace my paleness and don't care about ever having a tan, however, I love having some colour on my face! Foundation is the perfect beauty product to make me feel much more confident. If you suffer with acne or have scars on your face, foundation helps you cover that and strut your stuff without having to feel insecure!

Concealer - Concealer is a blessing for when you're looking dead. I apply it under my eyes every single day to make me look more awake, it always covers any dark circle around your eyes, any bags and can also be used like the foundation to cover up any spots or scars you're feeling insecure about. I definitely recommend using this if you're having a 'blah' day!

Lip Liner - Lip Liner has become my all time favourite lip product! I've always wanted my lips to be slightly bigger (not the Kylie Jenner kind) and lip liner is a perfect way to make them to your size! It's almost like drawing your lips?? I never do mine overly large, I just draw along the edges of my lips to make them pop out a little more, I also colour my lips in with the lip liner as it lasts the majority of the day unlike lip gloss and lipstick where you have to keep applying it throughout the day. It's a great trick!

                                                   - Shelby xxx



  1. What kind of foundation do you use? My face is super dry in the winter, so the foundation I usually use just accentuates my dryness.



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