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My Top 5 Favourite Fanfics // Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the most largest platforms for aspiring young writers to build a fanbase and get the recognition they deserve. This app is no doubt one of my favourite apps, which I use on a daily basis, whether it be to read or write. While exploring the world of Wattpad, I have come across some very talented people who honestly, deserve to get their books published. Anna Todd is a perfect example to use to show you that Wattpad can make all your dreams come true. Of course, there are many more people who are just as inspirational, I am just waiting to come across them. 

Fanfictions are the most popular type of writing in this app and I have read many amazing fanfics which I will be talking about today. Lets get started!

1. Body Rock 1,2,3,4,5 - This series was the very first I read when I joined Wattpad. It is a Justin Bieber fanfic, so if you're a fan of Bieber, here's your chance to get some major feels! It involves a girl called Marissa, who is an aspiring dancer and auditions to be one of Justin's dancers on his latest tour. Along the way they fall in love and have to push their way through so many ups and downs. It's full of laughs, smiles, tears, heartbreak and death. Do they have a happy ending? You'll have to read it to find out ;). Go and follow the author and check out the rest of her Wattpad stories here. :)

2. After 1,2,3 - I think everybody in the One Direction fandom know all there is about these books and the author! (Who people don't seem to like for some unknown reason? I'm out the loop??) Anyway, this book is a Harry Styles fanfiction and if you've ever wanted to imagine Harry full of tattoos and piercings... Read this book and you'll be feeling some sort of ways after! In this book you have Tessa, the sweet, innocent, well behaved girl who wants to be successful in life, and then you have Harry Styles, the bad boy kind who spend his time at frat parties sleeping with any girl he lays eyes on. When he meets Tessa he seems to not be able to stay away for too long, He'll pull her in only to disappear for days after, leaving her confused and vulnerable. This book will make you smile until your cheeks hurt, laugh until your stomach hurts, cry until your heart hurts and breaks into many pieces. Basically, this book hurts. I have never been so attached to a book and the characters, I cried over this book too many times, I felt their pain so I'm just warning you, it's a tough ride but I can promise you it does get better. There is a 4th book that I have only just found out about so this means I now have to read all the books again to refresh my memory, relive all that pain and just pray that this time it really is a happy ending!!

3. Illegally Yours - This is a Louis Tomlinson fanfic and I absolutely loved it! It's a romance-comedy kind of fanfiction so you will laugh a lot while reading this! It's about a young girl called Frida Mae who has a rather overly obsessive crush on Louis Tomlinson, she knew where he worked, where he lived, his every single movement, but he never took notice of her. One evening, after a fight with his girlfriend, Louis drove off into the night while Frida followed... Luckily she did because minutes later he crashed, leaving him unconscious and with a loss of memory. Frida nurses Louis back at her home and when he wakes up, he doesn't remember a thing, when he asks Frida who she is, Frida does the craziest thing a girl could possibly do to get her crush to be with her. "I'm your wife, Louis," I blurted out. "We're married." Well... that's one way to get your crush to notice you, I guess?? Does Louis believe her? Well, I won't spoil it for you ;). But let me tell you one thing, they go on well hell of a journey together! I wonder if I can somehow get Dylan O'Brien to lose his memory so I can try this? Hmmm... Haha, anyway... This fanfiction is by WhammyStyles so go check her out on Wattpad, she is a great writer! 

4. Dreamboat/Deja Vu - This is a 2 part series, read Dreamboat first and then Deja Vu. This series was also written by WhammyStyles and this book's context is so out there and incredible. I would love Dani's imagination, because she has amazing ideas! This is a Harry fanfiction. Dreamboat is about a girl called Evie who one night, has a dream about a curly haired stranger that she has never seen before in her life. At first she didn't take much notice of it, that was until the next night her dream from the previous night continued. Each time she dreamt of this man, her real life relationship was on the rocks. Evie began to do lucid dreaming, which means she could control everything in her dreams. They go on so many adventures together and fall for each other more and more as the dreams carry on! Is Harry just in her dreams or is he actually out there in the world? Read it to find out! Deja Vu is the sequel so I can't really talk about bits and pieces that happen in that otherwise it'll give a lot away. The ending to Deja Vu is so beautiful though! I recommend reading this so bad! 

5. Psychotic - This is the most recent fanfic that I've read and it was inspired by American Horror Story Asylum, which is my favourite season of that show so I was immediately hooked! This book is based in the 1950's. Rose works in the Asylum as a nurse. On a usual day at the Asylum, a new patient is admitted... Harry Styles. He was admitted for skinning 3 women alive. Rose became very curious of the new man and always got drawn to him, every dinner time, they would sit at their usual spot and she would learn more and more about him as the days went by. Soon enough, she was completely convinced he was not the murderer of those women. He was way too normal. Rose made it her top priority to try and get Harry out, as he didn't deserve to be living his life in a cell. Throughout this book, it's full of hate, love, torture, risks and death. Does Rose get Harry out? Did Harry really kill those 3 women? Read it and find out ;). This book was written by a very talented writer who goes by the username weyhey_harry on Wattpad :) 

So, there's my top 5 favourite fanfic! Let me know if you check them out and let me know what you read on Wattpad... I'd love to read whatever you recommend :)

- Shelby xxx


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