Thursday, 3 September 2015

10 Friends Quotes I Can Relate To!

I started watching Friends at the beginning of 2014 (why so late? BLAME THE PARENTS) and ever since then I am OBSESSED!! It is non stop playing on Comedy Central and I literally can have that channel all day just watching episode after episode after episode... Until, my family complains about me constantly watching then I'll turn it off but as soon as they're gone, straight back on! I pretty much know every episode off by heart and I'm proud! So, on to the title of this blog post... This show is the most relatable show anybody can watch, you will be able to relate to so many things, I've picked 10 quotes that fit me perfectly, let's get on to that:

YES JOEY! If you don't like pizza you are not a normal human being!

Me when I started earning money and had to buy everything for myself.

Me with every single dessert I eat.

Everything I do is 'wrong' so I might as well do nothing.

This is possibly me if you talk about something serious and I have no idea what to reply.

Like Joey, SHELBY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!! (unless I'm that full I'll explode then okay I'll accept it)

This should be my motto. Every person around me is having kids, getting engaged, getting married, moving to amazing places and here I am!

Anybody have any offers??

If no one comes my way soon this is actually going to be me. 

'Hopeless' and 'Awkward = the biggest struggles in helping you find love. Unfortunately I have these struggles smh. 

If my best friend has to hear me rant on about being lonely forever and never finding love she's gunna be like:


Oh my, it's so sad that I relate to these but that's life! Thank you for reading and let me know what Friends quotes you can relate to! Hopefully they're a little more positive than mine oops hehehe.

See you next time! :)

- Shelby xxx


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