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Paper Towns Book/Film Review

Quentin Jacobson (Nat Wolff) has spent a lot of his life loving the beautiful Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevigne), so when she cracks open his window one night insisting on having him join forces with her for a night of revenge, he accepts and it changes his life for the better and for the worse. Margo, being a mystery, disappears a day after a mischievous night with Quentin, leaving what Quentin thinks are clues to help him find the girl of his dreams and bring her home. 

Novel Review: My best friend recommended Paper Towns to me as she knew how much I loved The Fault In Our Stars so, me trusting my best friend completely, I grabbed my kindle and bought the book with no hesitation. Was it the best thing I ever did? Oh yes indeedy. This book never had me bored, the night of revenge had me feeling so exhilarated and alive, like I was experiencing it for myself. When I had begun to read the mystery of where Margo Roth Spiegelman had vanished to, I loathed ever having to put my kindle down because I just NEEDED to know where she was, why she was there and what her intentions were once Quentin finds her. I also loved reading about the characters of Ben and Radar, in particular. Ben was definitely the most funniest and my most favourite character in the book and I could never picture someone to play the role of him so I will tell you how I felt about the actor who DOES play him when I get to the film review. John Green is my biggest inspiration when I want to write. His way with words are to die for, he is a complete writing genius and the way he understands us teens perfectly, it gives us teen readers a great connection with John since his stories are based on his real life high school experiences. I was so on board with this whole 'Paper Towns' idea and the people who think this storyline is too boring or too simple, it's just a matter of understanding the term 'Paper Towns' to really get the story. If you really focus on the term, you'll see just how intriguing it is.

Film Review: When my cousin messaged me, asking if I wanted to go and see Paper Towns, I was trying so hard to not get all giddy and excited while sat on the bus... That would have been awkward!
Me and my cousin Megan (shoutout to Megan) went to see Paper Towns on the very first day of it's premier in the UK so we was very prepared for the cinema to be pretty packed, which it was. When I walked into Screen 7, I was so excited, mostly because I was about to see Nat freaking Wolff on the big screen! Petition for John Green to cast him Nat in every single film he makes??? That's enough fangirling (for now), let's get on to how I felt about the film... Me being a big fan of the book (which I finished during the ads in the cinema), I knew this film was going to be a favourite of mine this year and oh boy was I right, it was PER-FECT! When I found out Cara Delevigne was playing Margo, I was very 'ugh' about it because I wasn't very keen on her, she always just annoyed me but watching her throughout the film she kind of grew on me, plus she was hardly in it anyway so I didn't have to worry about watching her for an hour and however many minutes. The film pretty much did the revenge scene perfectly, so maybe they skipped out the sea world part but they got in the most important parts and after all, a book always has to be cut down when made into a film. From the revenge to the road trip to Quentin and Margo being reunited, it was full of some hilarous scenes, an unexpected scene that made all the girls scream and fangirl (SPOILER ALERT: ANSEL ELGORT WAS IN THE FREAKING FILM AND I DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN SHOWED UP ON THE BIG SCREEN!!) and a very strong bromance between Quentin, Radar and Ben. On to Radar and Ben, I never could picture who would play them and Ben being the confident guy he is, I always pictured someone who loved themselves a bit too much but Austin Abrhams who plays Ben was..! They couldn't have picked anyone better!! He made the cinema laugh, he said word for word as I imagine Ben saying it in the book and Austin played that character perfectly. My only disappointment with Ben was, in the book he and Lacey kiss, now I did enjoy watching them two together on the film, they didn't kiss!!! The ending was to me, honestly better than the ending in the book, it was everything I was wanting and more! I love how John Green doesn't do your typical endings where they fall in love, run off together, blah-de-blah-blah, he makes you think... Where was Margo? What is she doing right now? Who knows? Make it up! Use that imagination!

Thank you for reading this, if you haven't read the book or watched the film, I recommend it massively! John Green is the most extroadinary writer I have came across so far and his words just completely blow me away. Have you guys ever read/watched The Fault In Our Stars? If you have you'll know about the smoking metaphor and it BLEW.ME.AWAY!! How does one think of such things??

Anyway, once again, thank you for reading! Comment down below what you think of the Paper Towns book/film and I'll see you in my next post!

- Shelby xxx


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