Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sibling Tag!

For this post I thought I'd go more to my personal side and introduce you to my youngest sibling... Riley! 

1. Who is the oldest? 
  • I'm the oldest sibling in the house (18) and Riley is the youngest (9). Our other brother is the middle child and he is 15.
2. What do you like and dislike about your sibling? 
  • One thing I like about Riley is although he's a very shy boy, when he's around his family he really busts out those moves! The other night 'Talk Dirty' by Jason Derulo came on and he started to do the whip and nae nae (after his big sister had taught him hahaha) and all of a sudden he turned around and attempted twerking just for the hell of it and it had me crying! He loves taking the mess out of this silly things we call 'dance move's ha-ha.
  • One thing I dislike is his eating habits... He slurps ALOT... Literally any food, from soup to spaghetti bolognaise to mash potato... Yes... He slurps mash potatoes. I hate slurping in general and he is the biggest pain for it!
3. What do you and your sibling have in common?
  • We both like writing, I envy Riley's imagination because he can think of little stories to write about in seconds. I also manage to get Riley liking a lot of my favourite songs so when our favourite songs we tend to just jam out in the living room alone which is pretty fun. Since I don't have a little sister, it's a bonus when Riley will like stuff the same as me.
4. Funniest memory

  • The funniest memory actually happened the other week. Me and Riley was just having a conversation in the living room when the TV sung “THEY SAY WE’RE LOSERS AND WE’RE ALRIGHT WITH THAT, WE ARE THE LEADERS OF THE NOT COMING BACK, BUT WE’RE ALRIGHT THOUGH” (5 Seconds of Summer – She’s Kinda Hot) and we both stopped mid-conversation to get up and dance and sing all around the room and after it had finished we sat back down and carried on with what we was talking about. It definitely made us laugh.

5. Most memorable argument? 

  • I don’t think we’ve had that big of an argument for one of them to be memorable, but our arguments are pretty repetitive, Riley will run around being noisy, making our dog go crazy and bark every 2 seconds so I’ll tell him to shut up and he’ll just mimic me which winds me up even more so I start ranting at him and he will just continue to mimic me and that’ll go on until I scream at him or walk out. 
That's just a little about my youngest brother, Riley! I hope you enjoyed hearing about our lovely sibling bond (kind of) ! :)

-Shelby xxx



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