Thursday, 20 August 2015

5 things that make me happy!

We all have certain things that can put a smile on our face instantly, even if we are having the roughest of days... Here are 5 things that always manage to put a smile on my face! :)

1. Babies - Oh my, babies... They will forever be my main source of happiness! I can not wait for the day I can hold my own little baby (yeah yeah I'm thinking too far ahead... maybe). I am a very maternal person and I am currently studying Childcare at College because I have grown a very strong love for children after my youngest brother came along 9 years ago. Everything about them is perfect, they do no wrong in my eyes. My favourite thing about babies has definitely got to be their laugh, when they laugh, I laugh...hard. When they smile, everyone in the room smiles at them because they are so big and beautiful. It's so hard to not be in complete awe with every child I come across I was definitely meant for looking after children, it's the only thing I ever want to do,

2. Smiling - Smiling in general is always so so important. It cost's nothing and you could really help someone on a rough day. Whenever I make eye contact with someone, I automatically give them a smile and I am guaranteed a smile in return most of the times... You may have some that don't smile back but oh well, forget them and keep smiling! When it comes to smiling, you never know who you're smiling at, you could be smiling at someone who has had the worst day ever, maybe at work, maybe at home, maybe had a fight with a friend, family member, partner? As soon as you take 2 seconds of your life to smile at them they will hopefully feel the weight on the shoulders become lighter because someone has took notice of them and most of the time they will be appreciative. So, ALWAYS SMILE!!

3. Music - Music is so important to me, personally, it allows me to ignore the world for a few minutes, hours and forget all bad things surrounding my life. Music is the perfect way to relate to other people on so many levels. Music allows you to feel pain with others, feel happiness with others, feel anger with others, feel jealousy with others... It allows you to let all of your emotions out, whether it be sat all alone in your room or at a concert with thousands of people.

4. Concerts - Carrying on from number 3, I always call concerts my second home as I am there as much as I can possibly be! Being around people who love the same people and music as you, it's a great way to make friends with people you KNOW you have things in common with. It has also got to be the most amazing feeling ever when the arena lights go down and your idol walks on to the stage, that rush of excitement knowing they ACTUALLY exist! The best thing for me besides the actually seeing my idol with my own eyes is that, you forgot about the world for about 1/2 hours and it's so amazing. You forget all the bad stuff going off in your life, all the stress you're carrying just disappears and you're just focused on the music and having a great night. I am DYING for my next concert, can my faves hurry up and do something!!

5. Alone time - This time is very important to me. As you will all come to know, I am not the biggest people person, I don't necessarily like being around people, I don't like talking to a lot of people, if I have to speak to someone, I have to literally force every part of me to speak. Sometimes when I'm speaking too much I begin to stutter because I'm just not used to speaking that much and I begin to feel uncomfortable. When I'm alone, I spend it writing, reading or catching up on my shows and I couldn't be more happier at these times. Alone time means no talking, no hearing people moan or bitch etc. and it's bliss. I know I probably sound very miserable and unsociable but I do know I'm not the only one who goes through this and if you, reading this, go through what I'm going through then please come talk to me on my social media sites, we can get through it together :)

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed reading about the things that make me happy. Let me know what makes you happy and I'll see you on my next blog post! :)

-Shelby xxx

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