Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Girl Online Book Review!

I'm not the biggest Zoella fan in the world and I don't necessarily look up to her or obsess over her YouTube Channel, however, this is not a 'Slate Zoe Sugg' blog post so we shall move on from that...

Girl Online is the perfect book for exposing how intimidating the social media world can be. Whether it be an inspiring video or the world's most embarrassing video... You will find it floating around the internet.

Penny, is the perfect representation of young teenage girls today going through school. She struggles with boys, friends, panic attacks and keeping her skirt down. Although she has these struggles, she knows just how to become the most relatable girl online. Blogging.

After having her humiliated falling on the stage and knickers showing picture/video captured moment, she says goodbye to her shy, awkward self and heads to New York with her parents and best friend Elliot who says things like 'Vacuous and Inane'. What she experiences on this trip is nothing at all what she would have expected. While helping her mum prepare a Downton Abbey themed wedding, she meets a 'Rock-God-Tastic' boy named Noah who changes her life for the better. Noah takes Penny to all of his most favourite places and even helps her control her panic attacks. Noah even takes a bigger step forward and tells Penny "I like you so much, I think it might be love". Absolutely smitten by the man she has met, Penny starts blogging about Noah using the name 'Brooklyn Boy' to hide his real identity. However, Noah isn't all he seems to be. He has a rather large secret that wasn't so obvious when you're first introduced to him.

Overall, this book tells you that your teenage years can be hellish and you will humilate yourself even infront of the boy you like, you will fall in love with someone who is a complete lie but it doesn't last forever, the past is the past, you will separate from people and become your own person.

It took me a while to read this book as I can't fathom the fact that You Tubers are actually releasing books that they didn't even write themselves... But I guess if that's what we class as famous these days then so be it. Once a friend recommended it to me I just thought "what the heck, lets give it a try" and I have to admit I did enjoy it, before I get called a hypocrite though for actually liking what I read, I do wish it was published in someone else's name, such as the real writer's???


Thanks for reading this post, leave your comments below if you agree or disagree, I'm down for both opinionated comments :) and if you are a socially awkward, shy teenager just like me and millions of other girls out there then you will relate to this completely so give it a read and let me know what you think!!

-Shelby xxx


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