Sunday, 26 July 2015

My favourite phone apps!

If you read my 50 facts about me blog post you would have read that my phone is my baby. 
I'm not one who plays games, I'm more of a social media expert so my favourite apps all revolve around that subject. My phone is pretty much my little office when I'm not at home and these apps all come in handy with my hobbies. 

Many people struggle using Tumblr but honestly it is the most easiest app ever. Literally all you have to do is make your account, follow loads of random accounts that relate to you and your likes then just start reblogging. I pretty much check my Tumblr everyday when I have spare time just to reblog a few Audrey Hepburn, Luke Hemmings, 5SOS, food, Gossip Girl, Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf etc. posts and make my account pretty. 
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Bloglovin of course is my most important app right now as I have taken up the hobby of a blogger. Basically you connect your blog to Bloglovin and you can follow all your favourite bloggers on that and easily read all of their blog posts whether you're a blogger or not, instead of having to load your laptop up and going onto their actual blog website, it also lets you know when you're favourite bloggers have posted a new blog so if you haven't been on Twitter for awhile and don't know they've posted something, Bloglovin sends you an email and notification to your phone so you're never missing out. 

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Twitter is my most favourite app to use ever! I ditched Facebook for this yearsss ago and it was the best thing I ever did. It's a place for you to type whatever you want without people judging you because if you do it right, you follow people who have things in common with you and can relate to you. It's also a great way to keep updated on your favourite celebrities (brb my favourite 1D song just came on so I'll carry this on when I've finished jamming out...BEST I EVER HAD, HIPS DON'T LIE, YOU MAKE WANNA TSSSS... Niall tho YAS) okay I'm back, Niall and his beautiful solo distracted me... Yes, all of your favourite celebrities will be on Twitter so get following them and never miss out on anything they're doing! If you're involved in a fandom, yanno like a Directioner, Brat, Mixer etc.. then it's the perfect place to find other people like you and make some amazing internet best friends. (Even tho I don't have any but I have witnessed it) 

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I am CONSTANTLY on Wattpad reading mostly One Direction and 5Sos Fanfictions.... Some girls are REALLY good at writing them and many are now becoming published authors so you know, if you wanna be an author, Wattpad is definitely the best platform these days! I do actually have a book on my Wattpad right now called 'You're Dangerous' and I've just published the introduction to my very first Harry Styles fanfiction 'Karma' so if you are a really nice person then please go check them out and support me with my dreams :)) I will eventually do a blog post about my favourite fan fictions and favourite Wattpad writers if you are a complete fan girl like me and enjoy fanfictions! 

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This is my probably least used app but I do go on it every day, just to have a nosey at what celebrities are posting, you don't see me posting selfies or any photo for that matter at all, on an odd occasion if something exciting's happening then I will but yeah at the minute, my life is boring lmao. But yeah, if you love posting photos whether it be selfies, food, photography, Instagram is probably the best app to go too! 

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To be honest, I don't use YouTube as much as everyone else, (especially my brother, damn he has so many people to watch he spends most of his days on it). The only person I watch on YouTube is Jbunzie because she is the most extraordinary human being I have ever seen! She is a human transformer, she can transform into any celebrity, her main focus is Miley Cyrus but she is AMAZING so yeah go check her out if you haven't because you'll be hooked! I actually I am planning to be a Youtuber as well as a blogger and writer so subscribe to my Youtube Channel!! 

Thank you for reading, if you made it this far hehe. Let me know what your favourite apps are so I can check them out and maybe add a few more apps to my favourite apps list!

Until next time :)

-Shelby xxx


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