Monday, 13 July 2015

50 Facts About Me!!

Heyyyy my beautiful beautiful readers! Good to see you again :))

So, I realised I've not really said much about myself therefore you guys don't know anything about me, you don't know my likes, my dislikes etc and who knows, maybe we have something in common??

I really hope I can think of 50 things wowzaaa... Okay lets get this thing started!!

1. My full name is Shelby Marie Amess

2. To break down how I got the name I have, Shelby came from Star Trek (Captain Shelby) (My dad's favourite TV show), my middle name Marie came from a lead singer in a band called Roxette (My dad's favourite band) and my last name Amess obviously came from my dad. So as you can see, my dad had a big part of my full name.

3. I am 18 years old.

4. My birthday is 20th March, 1997.

5. I live in the UK, Doncaster to be exact.,. (HOMETOWN OF LOUIS TOMLINSON OMG)

6. I am a very quiet and shy person who loves being alone more than being around other people.

7. I got bullied in school for about 3 years for being too quiet and shy. (I'll get more in depth with that in another blog post)

8. I'm in a very serious relationship with about 12 TV Shows and I want to explore relationships with even more.

9. Music and concerts are my safe place. My place to block out the world.

10. Sheffield Arena is my second home because I try to go to so many concerts there.

11. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm really not desperate to find one anytime soon. Too much hassle tbh.

12. I am OBSESSED with children, which is a struggle because of fact 11.

13. My phone and Gossip Girl boxset are my two babies.

14. My bedroom is Audrey Hepburn crazy.

15. I love singing, dancing and acting, even if I can't do any of them. (I think)

16. I have 2 brothers called Dylan (15) and Riley (9).

17. My mum is called Tara and my dad is called Carl.

18. I have 3 cats called Pepper, Alfie and Princess.

19. I have one little shit of a dog called Joey.

20. My dog goal is a black French Bulldog named Chuck. (Inspired by Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl)

21. My living goals would be to have a house in Los Angeles or an apartment in New York on the Upper East Side like the Gossip Girl crew.

22. I love reading, mainly fanfictions on Wattpad. Go check out my wattpad >>>

23. My 5 favourite actors are Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner (I've had a crush on him since 9 years old), Ashton Kutcher, Ed Westwick and Dylan O'Brien (aka future husband)

24. My all time favourite actress is Mila Kunis.

25. I hate having to deal with my hair. My fingers just will not cooperate in doing any hairstyle whatsoever.

26. My favourite YouTuber is Jbunzie.

27. I really want to exercise to tone up my stomach but I'd rather eat. 

28. My style is inspired by Audrey Hepburn. 

29. Some days I want to dress up like a pretty little fairy with pretty little pink flower dresses but then other days I wanna dress up like a badass with my leather jacket, high waisted shorts and black tights. 

30. Gigi Hadid is my favourite model. 

31. My number 1 OTP is Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. I've been supporting them since their That 70's Show days. 

32. I am pretty socially awkward. I hate been served, I usually get someone else to do it for me and I also hate talking to people on the phone. 

33. I do not tolerate bullying whatsoever. I will always be there for people who are suffering with it. 

34. My favourite kids TV show is Peppa Pig. OMG best thing ever. 

35. My favourite films are Toy Story (all of them), Up, The Longest Ride and The Age of Adaline. 

36. I wanna be a tumblr girl. 

37. My favourite pieces of clothing are my bralets. 

38. I hate taking selfies, it's very rare that I ever take photos. 

39. I love getting all dressed up, picking out nice outfits, putting your makeup on, it feels great! 

40. I have one best friend, Katy, who literally always knows the right things to say and literally loves everything I love so I love her. 

41. The Teen Wolf cast is my most favourite cast ever. So beautiful. 

42. My favourite food is curry. 

43. My favourite drink is fanta. 

44. My favourite pudding is literally everything. 

45. I work as a catering assistant but am applying for jobs more suitable for me e.g. Clothes shops. 

46. Another best friend of mine is my cousin, Megan, we are literally twins. 

47. I look more like my Aunty than my mum. Everyone thinks I'm her daughter and even my family think I look exactly like her. 

48. My top two idols are Cher Lloyd and Tinashe (duh) 

49. I would love my full job to be a blogger and a writer hopefully in the future. 

50. Lastly I love you guys. 

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope we have more in common than you and I thought. Comment below if any of these facts can also relate to you :) 

- Shelby xxx


  1. Gossip Girl is my favorite show too. Don't worry you will find your chuck bass one day! I love bracelets as well!

    1. Yay! You should hit me so we can talk about Gossip Girl together! :) Omg if I find my Chuck Bass, I will never complain ever ever again! xxx

  2. There is a lot of this in common! Like seriously a lot lol! But overall I loved this post, and I loved all ur post (aka ur blog) u seem an amazing awkwardly shy girl! *just as me*

    1. Thank you! & we'll be amazing awkwardly shy girls together! :) xxx



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