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Capital Summertime Ball 2015!

This year after finding out the line-up for the Summertime Ball, I was sooo excited to finally be able to watch it on TV. The Summertime Ball is one of the best concerts that can possibly be put on TV, they never fail to bag the good ones! I was sat downstairs all day waiting for 5pm to arrive in anticipation so I could watch many of my favourites perform many of my most favourite songs! I'll only review the artists I was looking forward to watch as I did fast forward the artists I weren't very big fans of. Luckily this year the line-up was pretty much FULL of people I wanted to watch! I think there was only about 4/5 people I weren't that interested in so... Here are the artists I will be reviewing for their performances at the Summertime Ball:
  • One Direction
  • Ariana Grande
  • Little Mix
  • Fifth Harmony
  • Nathan Sykes
Now lets begin with the kings... 

One Direction

I was very happy to see the boys on the Summertime Ball stage as it's been so long since they've done something like this as they're so busy with their On The Road tour (which I will not be attending unfortunately) and their new upcoming album. This is the first time as well that they have made their debut as a four-piece and I must say they did an amazing job working around Zayn's solos. Now I am a very big directioner and many people may disagree with me on this one, which is okay, we all have our opinions, but, I thought the boys looked so good as a four piece, it just works so much better! (Even though I will sometimes miss the angelic vocals). They sang perfectly throughout all their performances, (minus Liam's voice crack during Best Song Ever, which wierdly always happens when he sings "said her name was Georgia Rose and Harry's mic kept cutting off leaving us without his deep, astounding voice) and they didn't fail to put on a performance. I also think they looked gorgeous!! They all seem to definitely be taking a few notes from Harry when Liam and Niall showed up on the red carpet with their shirts unbuttoned half way down, just like Harry does and they rocked it! Louis stayed with his simple, usual, top and tight jeans which is okay! We aren't complaining! Although it would be nice to see how he would look in that kind of style of clothing. I am more of a Harry's girl so I have to just put it out there how handsome he looked in his buttoned down shirt and his hair has officially grown on me after this day! I think it's safe to say Harry was BORN to be a performer, while he did his concert tradition (throwing water at everyone in the first few rows), he never failed on his fist punches, which are so damn attractive! The set list was a perfect choice and I'm going to give you the links right now if you haven't seen them!

Ariana Grande

There's not one bad thing I can say about Ariana's performance, she S L A Y E D!! I don't understand why she won't watch the performance back (as said in her Honeymoon Diaries) because she would be surprised on how amazing she did even if her in ear wasn't working! Her outfit was very simple and very little, a black leotard with an oversized hoodie and knee high boots with diamond, glitzy heels which are sensational. She performed her debut single from her lastest album 'My Everything' which is the sassy Problem featuring Iggy Azalea, her newest single who everybody is loving right now, (including my dad, he plays it too many times a day!!) One Last Time and Jessie J's number 1 UK single, Bang Bang, showing everybody her rapping skills when Nicki's solo approached. I have to clap my hands to the dancers as well as they always put on a great show too, they always have the biggest smiles on their faces and if you follow Ariana on social media such as snapchat 'moonlightbae', they also have the biggest hearts too. My favourite dancers have got to be the twins, Brian and Scott! So now I'll post the links below for you if you haven't seen the outstanding performance which made a sea of cat ears very happy! Also if you would like to see the behind the scenes video click here.

Little Mix 

My four beautiful, beautiful queens! I think it's safe to say Little Mix stole the ENTIRE show! Their outfits for the red carpet were a dream! Perrie in particular made me go WOW, how does she always look so beautiful??? I need her face asap! They started their set with their 'Salute' to all ladies and the new choreography was spot on! They went in!!! They next performed their debut single from their album 'Salute', Move, which will always get everybody up on their feet, moving. The third song they sang was their brand new single 'Black Magic' which I am OBSESSED with! The choreography for it is just so cute and it's such a catchy song I don't know how anybody could possibly dislike it. They ended their set with their first ever single 'Wings' which of course is still a great song and gets everyone singing along! Their costumes for the performance were stunning! I especially loved Jade's, the colour blue looks great on her, I'd never realised before! Their vocals were obviously on point as always, especially Perrie's, the deepness in her voice has 'as if by magic' reappeared and I can see everyone is loving it! Bravo girls, you never fail to impress everybody! My only criticism would be the crowd... They just weren't excited enough as they should've been. Hello???? It's Little Mix!!!
Here are the links to their set:

Fifth Harmony

Now, these girls I've only started really liking this year because, you know, Little Mix are my main girl group! They have grown on me massively and they performed one of my favourite songs by them at the Summertime Ball, 'Worth It ft Kid Ink'. I think they did an incredible job, except the microphones kept cutting off and you couldn't hear them sometimes sigh. It bugged me that Camila's kept cutting off during her solo which is like the best part of the song! The choreography was perfect, the outfits were gorgeous, they looked classy and beautiful as always and I'm very sure they made the UK fans very happy! I'm not too sure if they performed anything other than 'Worth It' but that is all Capital FM have posted on YouTube so here's the link:

Nathan Sykes

I was soooo excited to see Nathan perform! I have adored Nathan since watching him all those years in The Wanted and to actually now be supporting his solo career is incredible! His solo music is beyond amazing, I couldn't be more proud! He looked so handsome and his voice blew me away as usual, I mean, who wouldn't be blown away by that damn voice!? *heart eye emoji* He performed his 2 singles 'More Than You'll Ever Know' and 'Kiss Me Quick' which if you haven't listened to them, I suggest you click on the links I'm about to post below because you will be impressed!!


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