Sunday, 26 April 2015

New Look Haul!

Hey lovelies!! :)

So, last month it was my birthday and I decided I needed basically a kick start to a whole new wardrobe! I spent about a month before my birthday picking out all different types of clothing on New Look.

I thought I would share this with you guys just in case any of you have the same style as me and want to buy these also. :)

1. Black and Shell Pink Lace Bralet

I have ALWAYS admired Bralet's, they are 100% my style so when I saw these I just knew I had to get them! The lace pattern on them is gorgeous! They fit perfectly and I have felt so confident in them, they are just a work of art!

Here are some photos of me wearing the bralets: :)

I felt very Ariana Grande wearing this outfit haha :)
(The pencil skirt is from Primark) 

2. Cameo Rose Shell Pink Sequin Dress

This dress is absolutely stunning! It's something new for me and I absolutely love it! I have plans to wear it for a wedding next week hehe ;). I love the bottom half of the dress, I've always wanted one like this and yay I finally got one!!

Here's a photo of me wearing this lovely dress: :) (eek messy room!!)

3. Black Jersey Ribbed Split Side Maxi Skirt 

So, I got this skirt to wear with the bralets...(it looks great put together might I say!) and in all honesty I'm still trying to get used to it! (Pathetic excuse for a girl hahaha), but yes seriously, as it is split at both side it kind of just likes to do whatever it feels like doing and when I say that I mean basically get tangled up between my legs! It's a very free willed skirt haha, but it is gorgeous and fits perfectly... well, now it does! I got a size 8 and it was STILL too big for me around the waist so I let my Nana work her sewing magic and its all sorted now! Yipee!

I haven't got a photo of myself wearing this, so I'll just post the photo that is up on the website! :)

4. Mela Cream Floral Print Skater Dress

When I first saw this dress I was like "OH MY GOD", this dress just screams my name for real!! It has that 50's vibe to it and an Audrey Heburn kinda style and I adore the 50's and Audrey Hepburn so it was a must have!! It's a perfect dress for the summer and I was in need for some more summer dresses as I only had the 1, now I have 2... winning! *sarcasm*

Here is a photo of me in the dress: :)

Soooooooo that is the last of what I bought from New Look!!! I hope you liked the pieces of clothing, if you click on the sub titles for each outfit it will send you straight to these outfits where you can purchase them on the New Look website! :)

The postage was amazing! When I had purchased these I received an email telling me that the clothes would be with me in 2-4 days and they came in 2 days which was great for me!

Thank you for reading this blog, I have enjoyed sharing my style with you and I will see you in my next post, whatever that may be... hehe! :)

Byeeeee - Shelby xxx


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