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Book Review: Spot the Difference by Juno Dawson

Avery has always suffered at the hands of the bullies, so when she's given a seemingly-miraculous opportunity to join the 'A-list' she grabs at it with both hands. But appearances can be deceiving, and soon Avery's not so sure she likes this new version of herself. And it's only by overcoming her fears that she can learn the true meaning of being comfortable in your own skin.  

I read this book in one day due to the fact there weren't many pages, but it definitely hit home as I have previously been a victim to bullying and have wanted to fit in so badly with the 'A-List' people. 

Avery has suffered from severe acne for quite some time, leading the popular crowd to use her as their next target to bully. When Avery manages to convince her parents to let her try out a miracle cure, suddenly the popular crowd want her in and the cutest guy wants to date her. To Avery this was pretty much a dream come true and she jumped at the chance to join them to get a taste of their lifestyle. However, after spending some time with the mean girls and finding out her boyfriend may never accept her if her acne returned, Avery took a step back from a world she didn't actually belong in and focused on the people in her life that would accept her for who she is, acne or no acne. 

This little story is so powerful as it's not very often these days that writers focus on acne or bullying when creating their characters. Teens will be able to relate to this book and realise that being in the popular crowd is not the be all, end all of school. I think Avery as well can become a great idol for teens who suffer with acne and worry about their peers judgements on their appearance. Being a victim of bullying in school, I understand how desperate you can become to be 'popular', if you're popular people will love you, girls will want to be you, guys will want to date you, so we think anyway. Bullies always have an agenda as to why they're attacking you, mainly it's jealousy, not necessarily of you personally but maybe your friends, your grades, or your family life. Whilst we do think bullies are just nasty people, they're actually insecure little children shouting for help. 

Although I wish there was a little more at the end, explaining how Avery's life turned out in the end, it was a really sweet story that spoke about two extremely important issues and had a realistic story to it, instead of the happy ending that wouldn't have ever happened. Love who you are, be who you are, people will either accept it or not. If they don't, you know to shove them out your life because they don't deserve you!

I will definitely be checking out more of Juno's books as she addresses so many important issues that may help me in life and I think everybody who has never read a Juno book should definitely do so!

About the Author 

Queen of Teen 2014 Juno Dawson is the multi award-winning author of six novels for young adults. In 2016, she authored the best-selling World Book Day title: SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Her next novel is the beautiful and emotive MARGOT & ME (Jan 2017).

Juno also wrote the bestselling non-fiction guide to life for young LGBT people, THIS BOOK IS GAY. In 2016 a follow-up MIND YOUR HEAD, featured everything a young person needs to know about mental health. 

Juno is a regular contributor to Attitude Magazine, Glamour Magazine and The Guardian and has contributed to news items on BBC Women's Hour, Front Row, ITV News, Channel 5 News, This Morning and Newsnight concerning sexuality, identity, literature and education. 

Juno grew up in West Yorkshire, writing imaginary episodes of Doctor Who. She later turned her talent to journalism, interviewing luminaries such as Steps and Atomic Kitten before writing a weekly serial in a Brighton newspaper. In 2015, Juno announced her intention to undergo gender transition and live as a woman. Juno writes full time and lives in Brighton. In her spare time, she STILL loves Doctor Who and is a keen follower of horror films and connoisseur of pop music. In 2014, Juno became a school role model for the charity STONEWALL. 

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- Shelby xxx 


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