Monday, 19 September 2016

American Horror Story Season 6 - First Impressions

The intense build-up to the new season of American Horror Story has finally arrived and it's all sorts of confusing! The cast and crew are being incredibly secret this time round which caused so many butterflies to fly around my stomach, as this is a show that you need a little bit of preparation for. Before Freak Show was aired, there was promo pics showing us who the actors were playing, they introduced us to Twisty the Clown and we had some sort of idea of how that season was going to air, however, we've had NOTHING this time. Minus the actors we've already seen, we have absolutely no idea who all the reoccurring actors will be playing, we sort of have an idea of the story line because the word 'Roanoke' has been said quite a few times now giving us the chance to google it's story and get some sort of understanding, but other than that we're completely lost!

Many people were struggling to understand the way Ryan Murphy had directed this season which I totally understand, they've took a whole new direction for this season and I'm impressed! Basically, Lily Rabe and Andre Holland play an interracial couple called Shelby and Matt Miller who are being interviewed for a documentary called 'My Roanoke Nightmare'. Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. are actors in the documentary, re-enacting Shelby and Matt's story so viewers can watch every little detail. So, throughout the episode you see the real Shelby and Matt talking interview style and then it switches to a visual of their story where Sarah and Cuba play as them. Got it? I hope so! 

I was pretty nervous for this season, not because of all the big scare jumps we're about to get, but because I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good. Before I carry on, I just want to say every season of AHS has had me so incredibly drawn in and fascinated except one... Hotel. A lot of people loved Hotel and of course, we all have our individual opinions so respect to the Hotel lovers, however, I literally tried and tried to get in to it and it just wasn't happening! I was disappointed by the fact that I wasn't being pulled in and it got to the point where I just didn't force myself to enjoy it so unfortunately, that season has been left unfinished. Due to not enjoying Hotel, I had my fingers crossed for this season to be the one to make me excited! 9 minutes in to the Ronaoke season and I thought "These 9 minutes have been 10x better than the episodes I watched of Hotel!" They had me drawn back in and once the episode had finished, I was dying for more... Can this become a Netflix show so we can get the whole season all at once!? I can't wait every week! 

I love documentary style TV shows so instantly it was spot on for me. My mum watches a documentary called 'Fear Thy Neighbour' which has a similar layout in which the neighbours speak interview style about what has kicked off between them and whilst their speaking, you get a glimpse of actors re-enacting the situation so we can watch it instead of just hear about it and I really get in to that! So, yeah, I'm super impressed right now at the show, the creepiness is the perfect level, I'm so intrigued by the Ronoake story line and really I just can't wait for it all to pan out. I'm interested in knowing if this will be just about Shelby and Matt or if there will be different guests and stories on 'My Roanoke Nightmare'... Ooh thank you Ryan for getting me so hyped!

The big question now the theme has been revealed is, where on earth is our precious little angel Evan Peters!? And who is he this time round!? (Please be better than Mr March because I just couldn't get in to that all) I'm looking forward to all the other reoccurring actors to come back as well as it's always nice to see some familiar faces along with a few new ones. Lady Gaga, of course, is going to make her return on Wednesday's episode and she looks like the complete opposite of the Countess so I'm eager to see how she takes this role on! 

 I'll stop rambling now but I'm so excited for this season, really pleased with what I've seen so far and now we just have to patiently wait for Evan to appear!

- Shelby xxx


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