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How to Embrace the Pale Skin this Summer!

How does a pale girl embrace her look when bronze is the ultimate summer goals?

"Get a tan!"

"Have you ever heard of a sunbed?"

"You're like Caspar the Ghost"

"Why don't you try a spray tan?"

These are only some of the criticisms people say to me. Yes, I call them criticisms because many people speak about pale skin like it's a bad thing and it can offend me if you catch me on an off day. It's took some time, but us pale girlies out there are finally accepting our skin colour instead of spending money on methods that will only cause future cancer, wrinkles and those embarrassing orange patches on your skin. 

Pale skin runs in our family's genes, especially us girls. My mum is pale, my Aunties are pale and my three cousins are. When you look at the guys in our family, they tan within at least 2 hours of being in the sun... How!? I am extremely jealous of their pigments that help them tan, however, after years of feeling ashamed of my paleness, I have finally found a place in my life where I can welcome my skin into the category of features I love about myself.


Like any other girl, I have yearned for a bronzed tan once or twice, (bout once or twice, I mean maybe a couple of hundred times) whether it be a natural tan or a fake tan. A natural tan is quite nearly impossible for me, I can sit in a garden with the boiling sun shining right down at me for hours and all that'll happen is a little burning and once that's faded, straight back to pale. Basically, I can't hold a tan for shit. So that method, I gave up on. A fake tan would be a dream come true as it permits to less makeup, especially foundation, which would be saving you from having to suffer from breakouts. The glow of a fake tan will make you look much healthier and that would be amazing as I've grown up with a lifetime of jokes such as looking like a goth, a ghost or a zombie. (I love zombies so I'm taking that one as a kind insult) I also constantly got asked if I was okay because I looked 'ill'... Bye Felicia. However, I don't think I could keep up with the amounts of times you have to do it and even if I could, I feel like I'd become addicted to fake tans and that wouldn't be healthy whatsoever. On the topic of sunbeds... Hell nah, they are an extremely dangerous method of tanning and I am no way near willing to risk my health for darker skin.

What people have to understand is that just like every other body feature, pale skin can also lead you to feeling insecure, especially when no matter where you go, there's always that one pale comment. I don't care if it's a joke or not, I shouldn't ever have to feel ashamed of my skin, but unfortunately there are some nasty people out there that take things that one step too far and make you feel like rubbish. Pale is beautiful. It's difficult to show young girls how beautiful they are being pale while they're standing around their peers who are as tanned as can be, getting the attention a girl who embraces her natural self wouldn't necessarily receive.

Accept that it is who you are

A fake tan might make you feel confident for the few days it lasts, however, no matter what, your skin will always go back pale. Fair skin is what you have been given, that will not change as much as you may wish it would. Instead of fighting against your fair skin and turning it unhealthy, embrace it instead. Buy clothes, accessories, makeup, that suit your fair skin, you will feel so much more better if you know that you can work with your skin. Red headed girls with freckles just do not appreciate how beautiful they actually are because it has been the norm for way too long that these are features people 'supposedly' don't tend to like. Too many young girls think that if they have these features then that must mean they're 'ugly', girls, never think this! You do not realise how beautiful you are, you are so unique and that is something to appreciate! Worrying about how fair skinned you are is not worth putting your skin in danger by adding chemicals to your skin. 

Learn what colours work for you.

The most important way for you to really appreciate your skin colour is by finding clothing and accessories that really work for you. I did a little research and it is suggested Jewel tones like Sapphire, Emerald and a deep Purple will work well with fair skin. Another point you need to consider is your hair colour. I am naturally a brunette so being pale, the colours worked. However, I've switched it up to blonde now which of course is a light colour in itself and can sometimes clash with my pale skin, but add a little foundation to your face and you won't look as washed out! Some days even with no makeup, my blonde hair and fair skin can work out quite nicely, but, there are some days where I definitely need to put a little foundation on to make my face look darker. You've just got to play about with colours and see what looks good on you!

Get learning about makeup for fair skin. 

Foundation had always been my main struggle when it came to finding makeup most suitable for my skin. Sometimes I'd pick up foundations which were too dark and other times I'd pick foundations up which were the exact same colour as my skin, therefore you wouldn't be able to tell I had makeup on. It was only this year that I had a descriptive chat with a beauty consultant about the perfect foundation tone for me and Ivory is THE colour! I think anybody with pale skin, Ivory is the go to colour. It's not too dark or too light, it fits perfectly! A little blush can go a long way with fair skin, if you aren't really in to foundation, blush would be your go to just to give your face a little colour. Lip colours are also really important if you want your skin to stand out, for fair skin these would be your best colour options; Red, Nude, and any Pink shades. Of course, there are many other colours that will fit your skin, but these are your most popular choices where you'll never be struggling!

Look to Celebrities with fair skin for inspiration. 

There are absolute handfuls of celebrities out in the world today who are really embracing the pale skin and what you have to remember is that they're in the public eye, if they can love their fair skin with millions of eyes on them constantly judging their appearances, you can do it too! Another reason to find inspiration from celebrities is look at what they wear on a day to day basis! See what colours they mix together and soon enough you'll have plenty of ideas ready for your next shopping spree. A few celebrities to find inspiration from are; Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Emilia Clarke, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Jessie J, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Stewart, Nicola Roberts, Michelle Trachtenberg and Taylor Swift. Whilst these are just a few, they all look incredibly beautiful rocking the skin they was born with and that's something you should look up to in a celebrity! Youtubers and Bloggers also really help educate their viewers/readers about the concept of looking after your skin and embracing what you were born with and I think this has truly helped the younger audience understand the risks, concerns and how loving yourself is just too damn important.

Celebrate being YOU. 

Not everybody is fair skinned, which makes you especially unique! Fair skin is nothing to be ashamed of, all you've got to do is research the right ways to embrace it and you'll be glowing in no time! One thing that I've realised whilst growing to love my skin colour is that when I have days where I really dislike being pale, thats when my paleness really shows as I'm purposely picking it out as a flaw, however, when I'm loving being pale, my skin absolutely glows and you don't even really look that pale because of how happy you are within yourself. Learning to embrace your fair skin is definitely a process when you have methods out there to make you look darker, however, if you really dig deep in to embracing yourself for who you are, you'll be much happier!

Although you may not be able to tan, I would definitely still encourage everybody to enjoy the sun and if you live in the UK where the rain makes an appearance more than the sun, you'll definitely need to appreciate it whenever you possibly can! 

I hope these five tips have helped all you beautiful fair skinned ladies out there and I would just like to say this is not at all a dig at people who do choose to use fake tan and other methods as I've also considered them myself and if you are one of the lucky ones who can rock a natural tan, GO YOU, this is just me telling all those ladies out there who can't naturally tan like myself to just love yourself!

- Shelby xxx



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