Friday, 29 July 2016

Benefit 'Girl Meets Pearl' Illuminater Review

I had a free makeover from a lovely woman who worked at the Benefit stall in Boots one day and she talked me through so many products that were suitable for my skin and also products that were perfect to use for a healthy skin care routine which I will be investing in later on when my bank account is being a little nicer to me! 

This illuminater was one product that I completely fell in love with, I've been looking for primers in a cheap price range that would give my face a shiny look to it when doing a full face of makeup. Clearly, I was looking too cheap because they just weren't doing anything for my face! This illuminater is definitely not cheap at all, unless you can afford to shop in this price range but I'm getting so much use out of it that I really can't complain! 

It is extremely pigmented and gives out such a exquisite dewy glow. The fact that it is a golden-pink highlighter made me fall in love with it even more, I love everything pink! It adds so much radiance to your skin and makes your skin so smooth. I always apply this before I put on my foundation and everything else, however, I think I'm going to start applying it after instead to get an even better glow! It also smells lovely which is just an added bonus. It blends incredibly easy and makes your face feel so fresh!

The packaging in itself is just absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful colour and the design on it is just so magical, I loveeee everything about this product! Even though it is pricey, I can't imagine using anything other than this and I don't plan on using anything else to replace this because nothing else will beat it! 

You can buy the product HERE.

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-  Shelby xxx


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