Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dirty Grandpa Movie Review!

I had been dying to see this film since the trailer came out! It just looked so hilarious and I really needed to watch a film where I could just sit and laugh for almost a good two hours, no matter how vulgar and how cringey some of this film was. 

The beginning started off simple, a funeral for Jason's (Zac Efron) grandma's funeral. When you first see the Grandpa you think, "aww that poor poor man", "look at how sweet he is" etc and you see him as this sweet, innocent old man, who has just lost the love of his life to cancer. Nothing more. Boy, oh boy, does that change...

When Jason has agreed to take his Grandpa to Boca, Florida, I don't think he knew even a little what was about to happen. A disturbing part in the film was when Jason was picking his Grandpa up and walked into him masturbating (eww!) (or doing a number 3 as he so kindly put it) and Jason let out the girliest of screams! *crying of laughter emoji* 

Anyway, after the awkward collision, they set off to Florida, little does Jason know, his Grandpa tricked him into this so they can join in on the Spring Break festivities in Datona Beach. They stop at a diner for some food where Jason bumps into a girl who used to be in his photography class, Shadia (Zoey Deutch), and the sparks immediately start to fly! Grandpa also meets a young college student Lenore who is seeking an old professor to hook up with, Dick (Grandpa) claims himself to be a professor and the two immediately go on a mission to hook up eventually. 

This film could be classed as racist, homophobic and is filled with paedophilia, gun violence, drugs etc. You get to see De Niro dancing, rapping and beating up 'gangsters' while his 'lesbian' type grandson is too focused on his wedding preparations while being fed a lot of crack, wakes up naked on a beach, does the macarena with only what seems to be a tiny mascot of a bee or wasp around his crotch and completely slays the karaoke scene.

The ending is all happiness as there will be a new love story throughout the film and also a little yikes!!! at the outcome of one certain night in the bedroom.

This film isn't the best to have ever been made, it will make you squirm in your seats out of being uncomfortable, however, it will also make you laugh so hard the smile on your face stays there until your cheeks are unable to stay up anymore, it will make you "awww" and root for one certain pair and you will cheer them on at the end. This film won't be for everyone but I really enjoyed it, it didn't disappoint me, there was one certain scene that I think they could've done so much better with but other than that, it was new, it was something different. I mean, let's be real, with the amount of superhero films coming out this year, all other films are going to be completely pushed out to the side, am I right??? So, if you are looking for something different to watch and don't mind a few disgusting words and gestures being said and shown here and there, then Dirty Grandpa is for you! (AND YOU ALSO GET TO SEE ZAC EFRON TOPLESS AND IN A SUIT, GO GO GO!!)

I would give this film a 4/5 because no matter how disturbing it was, they made me laugh and that's what I went there for!

                                                            - Shelby xxx



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