Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Casual hairstyle!

Hellooo! x 
So yesterday I went to be a hair model for my cousin so she could pass a section of her course. I am not a hairdresser and don't know much about hair, period. I can't do much with my hair, I'm hopeless when it comes to trying out new hairstyles. However, I did listen carefully enough to be able to write this blog! 

For my cousins exam her task was to do a put up and cover any techniques she had not done yet. She decided to do twists and knots so she could cross them off. 

For the hairstyle, she decided to do a simple, casual, day-to-day look. She had this specific hairstyle in mind and thought of me to do it on. (Yay thank you Emma!) 

Let's get to the actual process of creating  this look. 

Firstly, she put on some serum at the sides of the top of my head to flatten any fly away pieces of hair. Then she took 2 strips of my hair from each side and twisted them around to the back of my head. Once she had done that, with the rest of the hair she tied it into a knot, and began to loop it all together into a bun, using bobby pins to grip it all into place. She only made the bun low as it was just a casual look. Once she had looped it all together, she hair sprayed it all into place and bam! A complete, lovely hairstyle! 

She passed that part of her course yay!

Thank you for reading! I'm not a hairdresser like I said so I apologise if this isn't as detailed but I hope it comes into use for everyone who reads this, maybe try it out? :) 

Thank you. -Shelby xx


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