Monday, 26 September 2016

Book Review: A Castle of Sand (A Shade of Vampire #3) by Bella Forrest

What Sofia has with Derek feels like a sandcastle; temporary and something that the waves of life and time will soon ruin... Since the return of Gregor Novak, the island has turned several shades darker. His hatred towards Sofia and thirst for fresh blood leads to a brutal war igniting between father and son. Meanwhile, the hunters are gaining formidable strength and resources by the day; they know that the safety of The Shade hangs entirely on it's ability to remain hidden from them. And a sinister secret lies in wait for Sofia within the bowels of an Egyptian desert... a secret that threatens to crush her sandcastle much sooner than she could have expected. 

I'm still trying to comprehend all the events that happened in this book so bare with me... Whilst the first two books were quite simple and more focused on introducing the characters, book three took a COMPLETELY different turn! It was full of so much action, blood, gore, broken hearts and emotions. 

With Derek's father, Gregor Novak returning to take over The Shade, Derek and Sofia have to fight many battles in order to be together. Responsibilities are piled on Derek, with a culling coming up, a brother teaming up with the enemies and Sofia's life in danger more than ever, their relationship begins to cramp up. As Derek and Sofia's love for each other grows more vigorous each day, doubts also begin to grow between them as Sofia is still a mortal, whilst Derek is immortal. 

It's fair to say that Sofia has become such an admirable icon to The Shade and has grown the respect from many human slaves and even vampires. She strives to gain more rights for the humans and is becoming more stubborn and persuasive as the days goes by. She is an incredible leader and can become a great asset to The Shade, if given the opportunity. All is not smooth sailing though as Sofia learns more about her mother and father's fates, both being dreadful to Sofia's eyes and her best friend, Ben is off finding ways to take Derek down. Sofia also finds out a humongous revelation which will most likely be shaped in the next book. Whilst Ben became mistrusting at the end of book two, Ben has matured a lot this time round and is more accepting to Sofia's chosen life style. 

You feel yourself falling more for Derek than ever, he really puts all of his energy in proving to his family, friends and Sofia that he is worthy of her. Everything he does, he does for Sofia. He is willing to sacrifice his own life, in order to keep Sofia breathing, and there's one certain scene where he proves just this, while it is all so heart breaking and painful to read, it is also so admirable and heroic. Derek is a true gentlemen and only shows the side he hopes Sofia never see's when he or the people he loves are being threatened.  

There is so much suspense and shocking moments in this book that left my eyes filling up with tears. We lose people we hate, we lose people we love. While we did get a great handful of answers, there are so many questions still to be asked! More and more characters are being introduced and I can't wait to see their character developments grow with the character's we've already found a loving too. Bella's writing is incredible and pulls you in so fast that I can never put the book down... Seriously, I have to force myself! This is hands down one of my favourite books series I've ever come across and whilst I was like OH MY GOSH at the amount of books this series holds, I am so glad there's so many because I never want this story to end!

- Shelby xxx


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